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Junior Senator from Florida Bill Nelson has now gotten involved and made an appeal to Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft and Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood to reconsider re-examining the voting technology in Florida, according to the AP. LINK

And there's trouble for former Florida elections commissioner Miriam Oliphant, whose critics will not be forced to testify because her legal team did not serve them subpoenas. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battleground states: Slate on MOAB — Mother of all Battlegrounds — with an article that published post-Note yesterday but was interesting enough to include today. LINK

Ohio is No. 1 . . . and No. 2 and No. 4 and No. 5. What a finish for the Buckeye State, where four Ohio media markets were among the top five advertising targets in the country by the presidential campaigns during a recent 3½-month period, reports the Columbus Dispatch. LINK

Activists in Columbus, Ohio began a week of abortion protests. LINK

"As a national retailer considers selling Taser stun guns to the public, a Columbus councilman is concerned because no law prevents felons from owning them," The Columbus Dispatch reports. LINK

The St. Petersburg Times reports, "The National Right to Life Committee endorsed Mel Martinez and Johnnie Byrd and expressed disappointment in the candidate it endorsed four years ago, former U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum." LINK

A new Pioneer Press/Minnesota Public Radio poll shows that the state remains split on the war and "that slightly more than half the state's voters think it is reasonable to expect U.S. troops to be out of that country by the end of next year," according to the Pioneer Press' Phillip Pina. LINK

New Hampshire state Republicans attacked President Bush's environmental record at a conference organized by an anti-Bush environmental group, writes the AP's Erik Stetson. LINK

New Hampshire Gov. Craig Benson airs his first campaign ad today, according to the Union Leader. LINK

It seems every day we're giving you another pro-Bush editorial from the Union Leader. So why stop today? This one says Bush's credibility on Iraq intelligence is looking better. LINK

So, the president has a point in Maine — employment is back to peak levels reached before the recession of 2001. But Kerry's right too, maybe — critics say the newly created jobs are inferior. LINK

Dozens of unmarried gay, lesbian, and heterosexual couples are expected to sign up for Maine's domestic-partner registry when it is created July 30 as part of a new law that expands inheritance rights for unmarried couples. LINK

While a Congress proposal to distribute federal student-aid money more evenly would cost Maine's colleges and universities $8.2 million annually, due to a stall in Congress, Maine's hefty share of aid appears safe for at least another year. LINK

Bangor taxpayers, just like citizens all throughout Maine, are begging for property-tax relief, but while a proposed statewide tax cap on the November election ballot is beginning to look appealing, it comes at a cost. LINK

Inmates in jail in Oakland County, Mich., are packed in like sardines and if the county can't find a solution, they may have to free inmates early. LINK

Governors of the eight Great Lakes states are proposing what they describe as a major step toward preventing massive water withdrawals that damage the lakes, reports the Detroit News. LINK

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