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Aladdin officials said Monday the decision to evict singer Linda Ronstadt from their hotel Saturday was not a partisan political response, but when she praised filmmaker Michael Moore, "all of a sudden all bedlam broke loose." LINK

The AP Notes the different agendas Bush and Kerry are pushing in West Virginia. LINK

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones will send West Virginia T-shirts as an apology to the couple arrested at a President Bush appearance in West Virginia this month, but he won't have to mail them. The couple plans to move from Texas to Charleston. LINK

On the Hill: Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist believes he can end the gridlock in the Senate if only he can work with a Senate seating 55 Republicans. The Note has not confirmed reports that Frist would also like a pony for Christmas. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate: Senate Republican wannabe Pete Coors battles a new 527 in Colorado. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the House: Roll Call reports Rep. Jim Greenwood (R) has informed the House Republican leadership that he will retire. Democrats and Pennsylvania score another interesting race. LINK

The politics of same-sex marriage: "The fight over whether Ohio needs a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is set for battle in courtrooms, churches and the airwaves," writes the Cincinnati Enquirer. LINK

The Columbus Dispatch writes of opponents' charges that a proposed Ohio constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages would be discriminatory, threaten domestic-partner benefits offered by some universities and businesses, and create chaos in the courts. LINK

Politics: The beginning of the end of the NGA? Or merely a new iteration?

The New York Times ' Hernandez and Baker report that the governors of New York, California, Texas and Florida have decided to enter into a "formal agreement to jointly lobby members of Congress." LINK

The Seattle Times' Kyung Song reports that "consensus ran deeper on what is wrong with the U.S. health-care system than on how to fix it" yesterday at the NGA conference. LINK

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports, "Senior federal officials heard complaints from the nation's governors in behind-the-scenes meetings that the Iraq war is draining critical state emergency resources because so many National Guardsmen are deployed abroad." LINK

The Schwarzenegger era: Gov. Schwarzenegger's weekend comments are still reverberating through the halls of Sacramento and budget negotiations have come to a halt, reports the Los Angeles Times. LINK

Lynda Gledhill of the San Francisco Chronicle takes a closer look at California's budget battle, and the stalemate that the Governator's "girlie men" comment may have touched off. And in the midst of talk about an espresso machine that we admit we don't quite get, the Democratic leader of the state Senate is promising that if the budget fight is not solved in time for state Dems to go to Boston for their national convention, Republicans in the legislature will not be able to leave town for their own convention in New York. LINK

Nader-Camejo: Yesterday Ralph Nader let Michigan Republicans help him qualify for the state's presidential ballot without a fight. The Michigan GOP submitted about 43,000 signatures last week; Nader's campaign about 5,400. Coast to coast, lots of pickup on the AP story. LINK to LINK

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