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In summer 2003, there was laughter at the obvious comedy in the line and a healthy smattering of applause. But now some members of the audience are actually rising to their feet mid-song to applaud and shout approval. The roar of the crowd is far more intense this summer. Whether that is because Americans are becoming more focused on the approaching election or if it is a harbinger of further declining approval ratings for the president is entirely unclear.

So, yes, we can understand why the New York host committee is not including "Avenue Q" in its Sunday night offerings to the delegations prior to the convention.

One other entertainment Note for you this Friday: A new documentary exploring the days and nights of Rep. Barney Frank during the impeachment saga has just been released theatrically for the first time in the United States. If you are in the neighborhood of the Film Forum in lower Manhattan, we urge you to take this stroll down memory lane when characters like Henry Hyde and Maxine Waters were driving the daily narrative.

It's called "Let's Get Frank," and no, we aren't recommending it simply because of Jim Jordan's brilliant cameo performance.

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