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While Homeland Security Secretary was in Boston briefing state and local officials on security during the Democratic convention, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was in D.C. speaking out against his Senator, John Kerry. The Boston Globe's Lewis reports that Romney called Kerry "too conflicted to be president of the United States."LINK

Slate's Dan Gross wonders who'll be Sen. Kerry's Bob Rubin. LINK

Jodi Wilgoren of the New York Times writes that the Kerry campaign has uncovered the 2004 version of the Straight Talk Express: Teresa Heinz Kerry. LINK

And really, who wouldn't want to be there for this scene: "On the campaign plane, Mrs. Heinz Kerry, in large, dark sunglasses and toting a glass of wine — in the afternoon, a spritzer — is often the first to venture into the reporters' cabin."

Former trial lawyer John Edwards' courtroom skills may be needed after all, to help his brother. According to the New York Daily News, "Sen. John Edwards' little brother has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Colorado and has thumbed his nose at more than $800 in fines for driving infractions." LINK

Amy Martinez of the Raleigh News & Observer writes up the reconciliation underway between Kerry and Edwards' view on trade. LINK

" … since picking Edwards as his running mate last week, Kerry has adopted some of Edwards' populist rhetoric, saying he doesn't want jobs to go to China and promising to fight for a 'level playing field.'"

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

USA Today's Judy Keen was along for the bus tour through Wisconsin yesterday and reports Bush advisers say President Bush's second term goals will be announced in coming weeks. LINK

"The Bush campaign hopes Wisconsin is this year's West Virginia. This was his 12th visit since taking office. It was one of the first states that aides began to organize. There are Bush leaders in all 72 counties and most of Wisconsin's wards and 29,000 volunteers in the state."

We just love it when the Washington Post's law firm of Milbank and Allen use "whopping" in the second paragraph; the duo today Note, as Terry Moran did on World News Tonight Tuesday, the president's near-evangelical "preaching to the choir" and his engagement in full campaign mode. LINK

"Although not discounting swing voters, Bush is placing unusual emphasis so far on rallying the faithful."

Adam Nagourney's Gray Lady wrap: LINK

The bus tour scored the much intended boffo front page coverage from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. LINK

The view of one Oshkosh, Wis. (where those who serve customers at Leon's custard shop are called carhops) resident courtesy of the Oshkosh Northwestern: LINK

"'He went past very fast,' Theobald-Montrasio said. 'He could have gone a wee bit slower.'"

Meanwhile in an interview with C-SPAN yesterday, Vice President Cheney said "he cannot envision any circumstance in which he would not run for a second term, saying President Bush has been 'very clear he doesn't want to break up the team,'" the AP reports. LINK

The New York Times' Dick Stevenson looks at how President Bush has refined his position on same sex marriage. LINK

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