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Abby Goodnough of the New York Times reports that four years after the voting debacle in Florida, problems persist and new ones have arisen — from touch-screen voting machines to accurate voting rolls and registration, to training poll workers. LINK


Today is the deadline for Ralph Nader to turn in those 30,000-plus signatures, and an affidavit to qualify for the Michigan ballot. And the day we just might find out what kind of difference the GOP was able to make!

But the scuttlebutt over Nader getting on the Michigan ballot as a Reform Party candidate has not ended. The AP reports there is still dissent in the Michigan Reform Party over who has authorization to give Nader the Party's line on the ballot, and whether the proper procedure was followed. LINK

Now it's happening in West Virginia: the Charleston Gazette says people are reporting being stopped by "guys wearing big stickers on their shirts that read 'W '04'" who are asking for help in putting "an independent candidate on the ballot." Both the RNC and BC04 claim to have no knowledge of the situation. LINK

Pro-Nader volunteers area heading up petition efforts in the San Francisco Bay area. The candidates hold a rally in San Francisco tomorrow night before Nader says Aloha! LINK

The Austin Chronicle reports Nader and other independent candidates will converge on the federal courtroom of Judge Lee Yeakel next Thursday, July 22, to "hear arguments to equalize the ballot access requirements in Texas between indie candidates and third-party candidates." Experts say Nader has a good shot at winning. LINK

More on Nader-Camejo contributions from prominent Republicans. LINK

The Kansas City Star reports Green Party organizers at a John Fogerty concert collecting signatures to get Nader on the ballot to the tunes of "Born on the Bayou," "Suzy Q," and appropriately "Green River." LINK


The latest Dean Dozen … LINK

The Washington Post's George Will Notes "California's contentment with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is palpable." LINK

The Washington Post's David Broder contemplates "what … .Tennessee Republican [Bill First] said at the National Press Club earlier this week confirms what many in the health field, in business and in both parties increasingly recognize: The American health care system is urgently in need of a basic overhaul." LINK

"Disputing Bush administration estimates, a liberal think tank said yesterday that new federal rules will remove overtime protections for at least 6 million U.S. workers," writes the AP's Martin Crutsinger. LINK

The Politics of national security:

The Wall Street Journal's lead editorial taking to task Joe Wilson's credibility — growing out of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report — reminds us that we should have been raising this story for Note readers since at least Saturday.

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