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Tourism officials in states including New Hampshire and Maine hope to lure Bostonians north to escape the crowds expected at the Democratic Convention, the AP reports. "Democracy's great, but so is going on vacation," read the state's new ads in Boston's trains. LINK

Apparently he got enough attention during the 2000 election to last a lifetime: Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush will maintain a "low profile" during the Republican Convention because that "is the way he wants it." LINK

Some of the conservative base is up in arms over the RNC's speaker line-up, reports The Hill, saying that centrist Republicans who disagree with the party's conservative base on abortion and gay rights have been given some of the best prime-time speaking slots at the Republican National Convention. LINK

The New York Post's Clemente Lisi reports, "Thousands of commuters who take NJ Transit trains directly to Manhattan will be forced to go to Hoboken and transfer to PATH trains during the GOP convention, officials said yesterday." LINK

The New York Times' Jennifer Steinhauer gets all revved up about the Republicans' convention-week parties. A must-read for planning purposes. LINK

Nader-Camejo '04:

Today, the Nader Factor unleashes a media campaign that portrays Ralph Nader's campaign as a Bush-Cheney supporter's dream come true. The 60-second radio ad's opening line doesn't put too fine a point on it: "RIGHT-WING REPUBLICANS WILL DO ANYTHING TO STAY IN POWER. REMEMBER FLORIDA AND THE 2000 ELECTION?"

The Jackson Group's creation hits on Republican contributions for Nader and recent support from the conservative group Citizen's for Sound Economy, headed by Dick Armey. The campaign rolls out today in a media buy designed to reach Nader supporters in markets like Madison, Wis., Philadelphia, Pa, Portland, Ore. and Miami, Fla.

And just added, Lansing, Mich. -- where Republicans plan to go door-to-door for a man the will not vote for. Yesterday Greg McNeilly of the state Republican Party sent an e-mail to Republicans asking them to recruit signatures for Nader to get on the ballot in their battleground state. Nader needs 30,000 valid signatures by July 15 to qualify for the Michigan ballot. Michigan Democrats sent a letter to Nader yesterday asking that he refuse the GOP's assistance. Pending . . . LINK

In a serious feat of data base mastery and mathematics, the San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci deduces Republicans are supporting Nader to the tune of $275,249. According the latest documents, "nearly one in 10 of Nader's major donors -- those writing checks of $1, 000 or more -- have given in recent months to the Bush-Cheney campaign." Her work supports Democrats accusations that Republicans for Nader have "bundled" contributions.

Nader running mate Peter Camejo tells the Chronicle he thinks his campaign should reject the money that doesn't come from "loyal Nader voters" -- an issue he should probably to the boss about. Lehane and Iverson weigh in too. LINK

Salon says there is even more reason to believe Nader is a Republican "pawn" this week, with his new book being put on store shelves by Rupert Murdoch's HarperCollins, which is also "providing the candidate with expensive public relations promotion and media bookings." LINK

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