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The Washington Post's Peter Slevin and Dan Morgan report "46 Republicans in Congress joined Democrats to declare that rules banning the personal shipment of such items as clothing, deodorant and seeds to Cuba went too far." LINK

The Boston Globe on the FLOTUS' trip to Boston today. LINK

Dan Thomasson in Cincinnati Post writes that he thinks charisma (Edwards) trumps experience (Cheney). LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Ed Chen looks at the political impact of Ken Lay's case on the Bush campaign. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney v. Kerry-Edwards:

The AP's Ron Fournier writes up the new AP poll "The poll found Bush slightly leading Kerry 49 percent to 45 percent with independent candidate Ralph Nader at 3 percent. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points." LINK

"The Bush-Kerry matchup was tied a month ago. Nader has slipped slightly since May, when he had 7 percent."

Knight Ridder's Ron Hutcheson writes about a new Pew poll that showed high voter engagement even before the transfer of power in Iraq and Kerry's selection of Edwards. LINK

The Washington Times looks at the importance of the military vote to both candidates through results of the Battleground Poll. "The poll confirms that, so far, Sen. John Kerry's status as decorated Vietnam War veteran has given him no boost in this military vote." LINK

The Washington Times' Curl looks at the Bush-Cheney push-back on the claim that Sen. Edwards will help the Democratic ticket in the South. LINK

As only he could, the New York Post's Bill Hoffman has a piece about a poll where 51 percent said Bush has better hair than Kerry. LINK

Washington Post fashion maven Robin Givhan weighs in on the tickets' tresses. LINK

The suspense is over: the New York Post ed board thinks the Kerry-Edwards ticket is too liberal. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: ad traffic summary, week of July 5-9, 2004:

The Kerry campaign launches seven new ads on the heels of their big Edwards announcement. The Bush campaign responds by airing an ad featuring Sen. McCain for just a few days and then launches another new ad questioning Kerry's leadership...and tossing some old ads in the Tar Heel State for the first time. The Human Rights Campaign airs an ad in D.C. only to lobby against a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The ad features video footage of every president's swearing-in ceremony since Roosevelt, except Truman's and Nixon's, showing presidents promising to "preserve" the Constitution.

Here's what's on the air for now . . . 1 Bush ad criticizing Kerry's leadership airing nationally, and two questioning his decision making airing in North Carolina only. 7 brand spankin' new Kerry ads airing nationally in the battleground states, including one featuring the new Kerry-Edwards team, and one older Kerry ad airing only in Virginia. 1 anti-Bush ad by the Human Rights Campaign urging against a federal same-sex marriage ban airing only in D.C. 1 anti-Bush ad by the Media Fund regarding health care costs airing in Ohio and Nevada only. 4 ads by the New Democrat Network continuing to promote Hispanic unity behind the Democratic party airing in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. 0 ads out by 0 television ads by the anti-Nader groups, but one new radio ad ready to hit the air in Miami, Philadelphia, D.C., Portland, and Madison, Wis.

Edwards in the battleground state media:

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