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Writing in the Arizona Republic, Robert Robb Notes that "if Edwards is unqualified to be vice president in 2004, Bush was unqualified to be president in 2000. Yet Republicans blast away, blissfully mindless of the devastating logical implication of their attack." LINK

The running mate overtures extended by Sen. Kerry's campaign to Sen. John McCain amounted to a "dialogue that went on for some time," Jim Johnson told the Arizona Republic yesterday. How long, Mr. Johnson? "It was around for a while." LINK

The Marion (Ohio) Star registers its disappointment with the Edwards pick: "D'oh! Kerry ignore Star online poll, taps Edwards instead of Homer," reads the paper's headline. LINK

Sen. Edwards may be most valuable for the Democrats among young voters, writes Benjamin Roode in the Columbus Dispatch. One 19-year-old tells Roode, "'Older candidates are set in stone about how to run the presidency,' she said. Edwards 'is ready to break that down and change it up in a positive way.'"

The KE04 siblings on the morning shows:

Two Heinzes, two Kerrys and an Edwards sat down with ABC's Claire Shipman on "Good Morning America" and with NBC's Katie Couric on the "Today Show" to speak about the personal side of their fathers.

Asked on ABC if the two families have been drawn together by a sense of shared tragedy, Cate Edwards said that she and Chris Heinz have discussed those losses with each other but that the losses are "private" and that they have bonded "regardless of that."

The Heinz-Kerry clan then chimed in to say that when Jack, Cate's little brother, "talks about Oreos . . . that's what bonds us."

Andre Heinz recounted his joy at seeing "the two little ones," Jack and Emma Claire, in the pool at the Heinz family estate, saying it reminded him of his childhood.

"They are great," said Andre Heinz, "and Cate as you can see is fantastic."

Asked about his "quirky" mother, Teresa Heinz Kerry, on NBC's "Today Show," Chris Heinz said "quirkiness runs in the (Heinz) family which insulates these fine women."

Chris called his mother a hard worker who speaks what's on her mind and said of his mother, who was born in Africa, that he looks "forward to the day when there is a first generation American in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

Vanessa Kerry said on "Today" that the two biggest misconceptions about her father are that he's aloof and that he doesn't know his own mind. Vanessa said she's proud that her father doesn't look at issues as "black and white" but rather that he considers all sides of an issue.

During their appearance on the "Today," Katie Couric played a "new ad" cooked up by Jay Leno for the Kerry-Edwards campaign which aired last night on the "Tonight Show." It shows Kerry and Edwards touching, holding and looking fondly at each other to the strains of "You are So Beautiful to Me."

John Kerry joked about all this at his first event this morning.

The New York Post's Error:

The New York Daily News on Rupert Murdoch's role in his paper's Dick Gephardt-for-veep fiasco "elusive exclusive." LINK

The New York Times on the same. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battleground states:

The Chicago Tribune's Tim Jones opens an really interesting ongoing look at the battleground of Missouri, laying out some of the Show-Me State's history, demographics and importance, given its status as a "decidedly purple" state that he Notes President Bush has 17 times since taking office -- and "it's not because he likes the weather." LINK

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