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The Wall Street Journal's ed board writes, "Liberals will keep their private views private, but conservatives cannot be trusted to do so. If Mr. Kerry's Catholic beliefs don't disqualify him from becoming President, and they shouldn't, then the same religious beliefs of conservative judicial nominees shouldn't disqualify them from serving as federal judges."


The Hartford Courant's Kathleen Parker explores the wisdom, or lack thereof, found in unsealing candidate's divorce records, from Jack Ryan to John Kerry. LINK

The Washington Post's Spencer Hsu reports that the plane that carried Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher to Washington, D.C. for President Reagan's funeral last month was nearly shot down by an F-16 fighter that was scrambled when it wandered into protected airspace near the Capitol. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

Ken Starr has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today called "My Job." You can probably guess how that one goes.

The Washington Post's reliable Richard Leiby catches Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe causing a commotion in Georgetown over that must-read Mark Shields' column. LINK

ABC News' David Chalian's Kerry-Edwards '04 campaign report:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., July 7, 2004 -- You don't know Jack . . .

. . . don't worry, you will!

You can hardly blame a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old for needing some well deserved rest after a seen-'round-the-world photo op and a "Cleveland Rocks" rally.

All three Edwards children returned to Washington, D.C. yesterday afternoon, but that didn't stop John Kerry from placing Jack Edwards front and center at the subsequent rallies in Dayton, Ohio and St. Petersburg, Fla.

You have no doubt heard that Jack has "taken over the campaign," "does a mean cannonball," and "can keep his head above water."

Sen. Kerry's eldest daughter Alexandra's favorite Jack Edwards moment of the day occurred on the Kerry/Edwards campaign plane, when Jack ever-so-subtly and hopefully said, "You know what I'm thinking about right now? I'm thinking about how much I love Oreos." No word on whether or not he got his hands on his favorite cookies.

Teresa Heinz Kerry chatted up reporters on the flight from Ohio to Florida and shared her favorite Jack Edwards story from Tuesday night at the Heinz farm where she worked with him on his diving skills. (We look forward to Jack's Ma & Pa's first visit to the press cabin.)

It seemed almost everyone had Jack Edwards talking points, clearly understanding the power of the image of the youngest campaigners of the newly formed KE04 family.

We will likely not see Jack and his big sister Emma Claire again until the weekend in North Carolina. And we also don't expect to hear, "Jack, from Raleigh, North Carolina go ahead" come from Larry King's mouth this evening.

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