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The attention turned right away to John McCain on ABC, when Cahill was asked whether McCain was really Kerry's first choice. "John McCain and John Kerry are very good friends. They served together in the Senate and talk often on the phone, but John Edwards was the first choice," said Cahill.

On the question of Edwards' experience, Cahill commented that "John Edwards has been a leader his whole life for working families and for middle class people. He understands exactly what it's like to try to pay for your health care, to put your child through college and try to keep a job." When asked how their battles in the primaries may affect their relationship, Cahill pointed out that the two have gotten to know each other very well through the process, "they got to admire each other's skills and became comfortable with each other. And everything they've done since has only added to that."

While appearing on "Today," Cahill wasted no time in praising John Edwards. "Nobody has been more supportive and helpful since he dropped out of the primary fight than John Edwards. He's done everything we asked him to. We know there is a great deal that they have in common in terms of what they want to do in this county," said Cahill.

When questioned on the possible drawbacks of having a former trial lawyer on the ticket Cahill responded, "John Edwards is an American success story. He came from humble beginnings to being a wealthy man and a fighter for the rights of the middle class... That's something the American people admire."

On the popular John McCain, Cahill also Noted that Kerry and McCain "talk often on a variety of subjects, but there was one offer made and that was to John Edwards."

New York Post's error:

The New York Post's Deb Orin's write up of Edwards' selection has three things of Note: a bland, 13-word, in-passing acknowledgement of yesterday's Post exclusive, a somewhat weird use of the word "zing" as a verb, and a seemingly unnecessary use of the word "posh" to describe the Georgetown neighborhood where both Kerry and Edwards live. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's James Bandler writes about how giddy Mort Zuckerman was yesterday.

The New York Daily News slams the Post "Leave it to the New York Post to further tarnish its shoddy reputation with yesterday's front-page "exclusive" declaring John Kerry had picked Dick Gephardt as his running mate." But Gephardt didn't fall for it. "I'm from Missouri: Show me." LINK

The New York Daily News reports they sent "12 bottles of Cold Duck and a congratulatory bottle of sparkling wine from Post owner Rupert Murdoch's home turf, Australia. A little note with the bubbly read, 'Congratulations on your 'exclusive'!!! Have a nice day.'" LINK

The anatomy of a bad scoop. Peter Johnson reports on how New York Post got it wrong. LINK

The AP Notes the New York Post's headline blunder yesterday. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The Bush-Cheney '04 campaign and RNC rapid response yesterday to the Edwards announcement was indeed rapid, and extensive, with over 50 pages of background research, voting record, and past statements from the new running mates sent out to reporters almost an hour before Sen. Kerry made the announcement official.

The White House reporters all turn today to the BC04RNC introduction of Edwards. And Karl Rove was moved to do some print interviews!!!

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