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The New York Times' Richard Stevenson reports that the rapid response from the Republicans yesterday was all part of "an effort by the Bush campaign to keep the Democrats from establishing Mr. Edwards as a Southern moderate who could help Mr. Kerry among swing voters in the battleground Northern and Midwestern states."

Republicans quickly set out yesterday to define the vice presidential candidate as "an inexperienced, unaccomplished, liberal trial lawyer who had not even been Mr. Kerry's first choice." LINK

The Republican strategy against the new Kerry/Edwards ticket will be to paint the running mates as "out of the mainstream of America when it comes to the war on terror, the economy and values," Karl Rove tells AP's Terrence Hunt. LINK

Rove "rejected the idea that Edwards' presence on the Democratic ticket would cost Bush North Carolina or threaten the Republican hold on the South" and "argued that it would have been far more daunting if Kerry's running mate were from the industrial Midwest."

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank and Mike Allen lead with the contrast between the President and Vice President's "cordial welcome" to John Edwards with the sharp response from the re-election campaign and the RNC. LINK

USA Today's Judy Kean leads her write up of the BC04 response by pointing out that Republicans "pronounced [Edwards] vulnerable to attack on his lack of foreign-policy experience, voting record and career as a personal injury lawyer." LINK

Kean talks to Karl Rove who repeats the talking points: "This choice says more about Kerry than it does about Edwards. In his first presidential decision, Kerry used a poll to help him decide who would be politically advantageous to pick, not who would help him govern."

Nick Anderson of the Los Angeles Times on the Republican response: LINK

Vince Morris of the New York Post looks at the role Sen. McCain played in yesterday's VP announcement, Noting the new BC04 ad and the past history between the President and the Senator from Arizona. LINK

The AP reports "President Bush said yesterday he has not decided whether he will nominate a new CIA director before the November election." LINK

"The judicial nomination wars, dormant in recent months, re-emerged Tuesday as the Senate narrowly confirmed one of President Bush's nominees to the bench who has argued that abortion is akin to the Holocaust and that the Bible requires women to be subservient to men," reports the New York Times' Nick Lewis. LINK

Battleground states:

The Orlando Sentinel's part four of four on battleground Florida. Democrats stir in the Southwest of the state. LINK

The Allentown Morning Call's Jeff Miller reports on a poll showing that the Catholic vote is evenly split between Kerry and Bush. LINK

Maybe the contradicting economic stories told by Bush and Kerry aren't too far off in West Virginia, where job numbers are down but wages are up. LINK

The conventions:

Rick Klein, the Boston Globe's Democratic National Convention protesting expert, writes, "Boston's school bus drivers and monitors are planning a picket line outside the FleetCenter during the Democratic National Convention, reviving the specter of labor unrest outside the convention arena." LINK

The Boston Globe's Estes writes of more trouble at home for Sen. Kerry -- seems his plans for a Boston Pops concert on the Esplanade during the Democratic convention are not going as well as, say, his plan to keep the veepstakes process secret. LINK

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