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The New York Times' Adam Nagourney writes about how Edwards balances Kerry with his vigor, personal charm, and message, Noting that "As a result, many Democrats said Tuesday, this highest-profile decision of Mr. Kerry's public life was as instructive about the party's presumed presidential candidate as it was about Mr. Edwards. It was the move of a candidate who is proving to be methodical, discreet, coolly pragmatic and exceedingly self-assured; one who is so intensely focused on victory as to be presumably unruffled by the unflattering stylistic contrasts that will surely be drawn whenever he and Mr. Edwards share a stage." LINK

An observation echoed by the Gray Lady's editorial board. LINK

The New York Times' David Halbfinger turns in a great news of day story, Noting that, in addition to (theoretically) keeping the South in play, "The choice of Mr. Edwards is also likely to have a powerful effect on the future of the party, giving a platform to a younger Democrat and setting up a potential leadership clash between Mr. Edwards, as Mr. Kerry's presumptive heir, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has ridden her husband's legacy to the Senate and is widely thought to have designs on the White House herself." LINK

Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe details the super secret running mate search process demanded by Sen. Kerry himself. LINK

Cutest detail of the day: "Yesterday, Kerry called Edwards to announce his decision. Edwards in turn called his wife, Elizabeth, who was at their home in North Carolina. When the phone rang, their daughter Emma Claire answered."

'''She said, 'Senator Kerry picked Daddy,' ' Elizabeth Edwards told reporters as she and her husband shook hands yesterday afternoon after arriving at the Pittsburgh airport to meet up with the Kerrys."

In her tick tock of the selection process, Jodi Wilgoren also featured the precocious Emma Claire. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny and John McCormick write that "Before reaching his verdict, Kerry combed through a list of at least 25 serious candidates, Democrats and Republicans alike." They also Note that the Kerry campaign printed signs, T-shirts and "other campaign trinkets for five candidates, including Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri, Sen. Bob Graham of Florida, retired Gen. Wesley Clark and Vilsack." LINK

In his analysis, the Washington Post's Dan Balz writes that while there are many advantages to the Edwards choice, Kerry surely now faces criticism that he went the expedient route and chose the flashy running mate over other possible candidates with more experience and a more significant record. LINK


The Washington Post's David Broder posits Kerry's "choice had everything to do with Mission One, winning the election, and precious little to do with governing the nation," and concludes, "The Democrats could have done a lot worse." LINK

Note to Nick Baldick and Rob Tully: We are sure Broder didn't mean to slam you.

The New York Times' William Safire posits "in the choice between the Democrat most ready to be president and the Democrat who would enliven a stalled campaign, Kerry played it safe and chose the political hottie, Edwards." We've never seen Safire use the term "hottie" before, but we like it. LINK

Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times looks at the media speculation over the ticket and how the news broke. LINK

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