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Michael Tackett of the Chicago Tribune gives Sen. Kerry a thumbs-up for the way he announced his pick, and assesses the strengths that Edwards brings to the ticket. It's still the economy, stupid, Tackett argues, and Edwards' "two Americas" can help drive the point home. LINK

The Washington Post's ed board thinks Kerry's choice "is a smart move," although they don't approve of pandering on trade. LINK

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne thinks Edwards is the "best choice." LINK

The Washington Post's Mark Leibovich Notes that the chemistry between former rivals can be sexy on a ticket. LINK

Eric Lichtblau and Robert Worth of the New York Times look at the rich white guys on the Dem ticket. LINK

We aren't quite sure where the Republicans, whose ticket is similarly composed, are going with this one.'s David McGuire quotes Kerry spokesman saying that they have inquired about purchasing from an Indianapolis bail bondsman named Kerry Edwards but that they have taken a pass because he wanted five figures. LINK

Kerry and Edwards on the issues:

The Washington Post's John Wagner looks at the "limited daylight" between the public policy positions between Kerry and Edwards. LINK

The folks at take a short-hand look at Edwards on the issues. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's capsule summary of how Kerry and Edwards compares on the issues reports a sharp difference between the two on the death penalty, which Kerry opposes and Edwards supports, but otherwise shows them largely in agreement with some more minor differences on trade and health care.

Reaction to the Democratic ticket:

The Washington Times' Bill Sammon looks at the Republican reaction to the announcement of KE04 (way to stick to those talking points!), and talks about the expectations bar for the new vice presidential pick. LINK

"Business associations in Washington were uniformly hostile yesterday to John Kerry's choice of Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) as his running mate, promising that a trial lawyer on the ticket will energize them and their members to defeat the Democrats in November," writes the Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman. LINK

Richard Oppel and Glen Justice of the New York Times examine the effect that a trial lawyer will have on the campaign -- particularly among the business and industry communities. And doctors haven't even weighed in yet. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt writes that Democratic strategists believe that if Edwards is able to help Kerry win back 10 to 15 percent of the rural vote, "it will be an election clincher." Hunt debunks a couple of misconceptions about Edwards. He Notes that he is more popular among older than younger voters and that he is one of "few Democrats who does as well with men as he does with women." One Democratic insider now says that you can take Erskine Bowles win in North Carolina to the bank. Carville says that just being competitive in North Carolina is a victory for the Democrats.

Zeroing in on the Ohio campaign target, Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards will make their first joint speech today in Cleveland. LINK

The Hartford Courant's David Lightman writes that while past VP picks have mattered little come Election Day, many think that could change this year. LINK

The VP selection has begun a "fund raising scramble," according to the Hartford Courant's Janice D'Arcy. LINK

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