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The Los Angeles Times' (and CNN's) Ron Brownstein calls Sen. John Edwards the "safe pick" for Sen. Kerry. "Although generating an enthusiastic response from Democrats, its also means the pick may not be dramatic or surprising enough to help win Kerry a new look from undecided voters." LINK

In his write-up of the selection, Glen Johnson of Kerry's home town Boston Globe writes, "Edwards seems to not measure up to at least one of the five criteria that Kerry established in a memorandum he sent to the team that conducted his search for a vice presidential candidate, which said a running mate must be compatible 'on every level.'" LINK

Patrick Healy of the Boston Globe leads, "'Two Americas' not only is a mantra from Senator John Edwards's bid for the White House this year, it also neatly describes the sharply contrasting worlds that he and his new political partner, John F. Kerry, hail from." LINK

In his Boston Globe column, Peter Canellos writes, the picking of Edwards "says Kerry believes that working-class voters are a swing constituency across the country and that he needs more help with them than with upscale professionals." LINK

Roll Call's Chris Cillizza writes up the impact Edwards may or may not have on the race, depending on who you ask.

Roll Call's Mark Preston and Paul Kane gauge the Senate's reaction to Edwards.

ABC News Vote 2004: Sen. John Edwards:

The Washington Post's John Harris offers up a profile of John Edwards: the complexities behind the sunny disposition. LINK

The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg Notes Sen. Edwards' "swift rise in politics has been hastened by his uncanny ability to make voters believe that, despite being a fabulously wealthy trial lawyer, he is really just a regular guy -- the kind of man who eats double cheeseburgers for lunch and knows what it means to sit around the kitchen table and decide which bills not to pay." Fabulously wealthy and yet making normal people feel that he's one of them, with a nice accent to boot . . . have we heard this somewhere before? LINK

The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof writes that "Senator John Edwards is America's best natural politician since Bill Clinton, and he'll help with the Democrats' most crucial task: reconnecting the party to Middle American voters." LINK

The New York Times' Raymond Hernandez examines the Edwards effect on Sen. Hillary Clinton's trajectory. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Andrew Zajac looks at Edwards' bio. LINK

Donald Lambro of the Washington Times compares Edwards and Cheney. LINK

Janet Hook profiles Sen. John Edwards in the Los Angeles Times. "Propelling Edwards to the front of the pack are many of the same qualities that have shaped his life: a bewitching way with words that he honed as a trial lawyer, a driving ambition that catapulted him beyond his modest mill-town origins and a willingness to take risks, which has allowed him to move gingerly from one career steppingstone to another." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Barabak and Gold look at the pros and cons of picking Sen. Edwards and highlight his voting record. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jake Schlesinger and David Rogers Note that Edwards' selection shows that Kerry is betting that the economy is the key to the election. They also Note how Edwards "makes executives nervous," and how Kerry is planning to weave Edwards' criticism of predatory lending into his own campaign platform.

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