ABC News' The Note

In her analysis, the New York Post's Deb Orin writes that Kerry went for a "jolt of charisma." LINK

The Boston Herald looks at the importance of the Edwards' son Wade. LINK

The New York Post's Marsha Kranes writes about how the loss of Wade impacted his life. LINK

The New York Post's Andy Geller runs down the differences between Kerry and Edwards' votes on some things, and he looks at Edwards' big wins in the courtroom. LINK and LINK

Cha-ching! Andy Soltis has the story Jack Cafferty is looking for in the New York Post. LINK

Knight Ridder has a few stories: Tom Fitzgerald and James Kuhnhenn write that it's a "a new Democratic ticket that strikes a balance in geography, personal background and temperament." LINK; Steve Thomma says that it doesn't matter anyway LINK; and Anna Griffin has an Edwards backgrounder. LINK

Not to be left out, Patrick O'Connor of The Hill reports on Kerry's running mate choice. LINK

Columnist Albert Eisele says "Kerry's carefully considered choice" of Edwards has given the Kerry campaign "a much-needed shot of adrenalin as it struggles to get out of the summer doldrums." LINK

Dems may be all smiles about Edwards but that's not the case for business groups, which reacted "tepidly" to the choice of Edwards, citing concerns that he has "consistently voted against pro-business bills in Congress and that his background as a trial attorney made him a natural adversary of business interests." LINK

Some Democratic strategists and fundraisers say Kerry should seriously consider opting out of public funding in his bid to defeat President Bush this fall, predicting that he can reap more money through private contributions than through what the government would provide the campaign. LINK

The Hill's Lauren Shepherd highlights the veepstakes runners-up. LINK

Sparing no time, the GOP was ready to attack Edwards. LINK

Dem candidates call Edwards 'a huge help' LINK

The selection of Edwards "has swelled the budding rivalry" between him and Sen. Hillary Clinton and Clinton's allies say Edwards will have no discernible advantage in a future Democratic presidential primary should the Kerry-Edwards ticket fall short of victory. LINK

USA Today's Kathy Kiely observes Sen. Edwards "is a wealthy lawyer whose rise in national politics followed a personal tragedy" and reminds readers that in 2000, "People magazine named the boyishly handsome senator the year's 'sexiest politician.'" LINK

Rebeccah Cantley-Falk of Gannett News Service Notes a plethora of reasons why North Carolina is not a guaranteed win for KE'04. LINK

Jill Lawrence reports on the Kerry-Edwards match as a study in contrasts. "Kerry the Northeastern liberal, Edwards the Southern populist. Kerry the son of a diplomat who grew up overseas and in American boarding schools, Edwards the son of a textile mill worker in Robbins, N.C. Kerry the intellectual, steeped in policy for decades. Edwards the gut politician who pledged in his primary campaign to unite the 'two Americas' he sees under President Bush." LINK

Anna Griffin of Knight Ridder writes Edwards got the nod because "he out-charmed and out-hustled the other guys." LINK

For Edwards Senate staffers, yesterday was just business as usual. LINK

The Boston Globe's Milligan and Kranish do a little vetting of Sen. Edwards on their own. LINK

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