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The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Eric Black and Dane Smith write that the Edwards addition could help Kerry in the Midwest. LINK

Libby George of the Minneapolis Star Tribune tests Minnesotan's reactions to Kerry's pick. LINK

The Minneapolis Star Tribune calls Edwards "the liveliest, most complementary pairing that Kerry's vice presidential short list contained." LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer likes lists, including a list of Kerry vs. Edwards on the issues LINK and the 10 things people don't know about Edwards LINK

What better way to keep the choice a secret than by having "Kerry/Edwards" signs printed in Bush's backyard of Texas. LINK

The Cincinnati Enquirer examines what the road trip of Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards illustrates about the importance of the state of Ohio. LINK

Want to get in touch with the local Ohio voter? Here's a conglomeration of their reaction to yesterday's Edwards pick. LINK

"For once in his life, Cheney will be like the lamb led to the slaughter," said a Kentucky attorney, one of many Kentucky residents who say they are excited by Edwards' energy, Southern roots, and keen understanding of tobacco issues. LINK

Maine's voters seems right in line with the rest of the country -- Democrats love his charm, Republicans criticize his inexperience. LINK

Maine's Kennebec Journal says the VP choice is unlikely to have a large effect on Maine's voting. LINK

The Las Vegas Review Journal insists that it will be the Yucca Mountain Project issue, and not Kerry's running mate, that ultimately closes the election in this crucial battleground state. LINK

Same headline, different state (sigh). The AP reports, "Nevada Dems like Kerry's choice of Edwards." LINK

The new dynamic duo, Kerry and Edwards, will pop by Beckley, W.Va., on Friday. LINK and LINK

Haven't heard this one before: Edwards is described as Kerry's "political dancing partner," by the West Virginia Dominion Post. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney v. Kerry-Edwards:

Anne Kornblut highlights the Republican response Sen. Kerry picking Sen. Edwards -- some are disappointed. " One Republican, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the fear is that Edwards will help Kerry do what he could not do alone: make states such as Tennessee and North Carolina competitive and attract moderate Midwesterners who were otherwise unsure about the Democratic challenger." LINK

Also Note: "Even before the Edwards announcement, Bush campaign officials sought to lower expectations about their poll numbers over the next month, as Kerry is expected to steal the spotlight with his vice presidential selection and later with the Democratic National Convention. Over the weekend, Bush campaign strategist Matthew Dowd wrote a memo predicting that Kerry will get a significant bounce this month, putting him 15 points or more ahead in the polls by the beginning of August."

Salon's Tim Grieve on the smile vs. the scowl and other stark contrasts between Edwards and Cheney. LINK

Mary Beth Cahill does the morning shows:

Kerry/Edwards campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill appeared on both ABC's "Good Morning America" and NBC's "Today."

Bottom line: the woman cannot be taken off message. She makes Karen Hughes look like Ray LaHood.

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