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New York Times ' sportswriter Tyler Kepner points out: "During the singing of "God Bless America" in the seventh inning, an image of Cheney was shown on the scoreboard. It was greeted with booing, so the Yankees quickly removed the image."LINK The New York Daily News' Maggie Haberman reports that Ken Mehlman said the president will likely not visit Ground Zero during the convention. LINK The New York Times ' Nicholas Kristoff writes the consensus on the Left that Bush is a liar "further polarizes the political cesspool, and this polarization is making America increasingly difficult to govern and impedes understanding." LINK Hypersmart liberal columnist Harold Meyerson makes a good point in his column today. Referring to Vice President Cheney's explanation for imprecating on the Senate floor, Meyerson quite rightly, to our ears, believes that "If that justification came from the mouth of a Democrat, of course, it would be a sign of moral laxity and lack of seriousness. How many conservatives have told us that Bill Clinton was a feel-good guy devoid of all discipline? And how many have chastised Dick Cheney for invoking the justification they constantly accused Clinton of succumbing to?" LINK That said, cursing on the Senate floor is less offensive than getting a hummer in — or near — the Oval Office. So there.

Meyerson is usually right-on about unionism (aside for occasional flurries into 'multiracial political coalition' fantasies in Los Angeles), and his column nails it today. The next time you hear someone on one of the cable news nets say that Dick Gephardt is the sole favorite of organized labor, harken back to this true paragraph:

"All of labor is grateful for Gephardt's more-than-decade-long leadership of the fight against the kind of globalization that pays no heed to labor or environmental standards. But many union leaders are quick to point out that when Gephardt ran fourth in January's Iowa caucuses and was compelled to withdraw from the race, he lost even the factory towns to Kerry and Edwards. Great guy, good message, bad messenger, these presidents say. Edwards's 'two Americas' talk, by contrast, has electrified Democrats — and, if the primary results are any indication, many independents as well — in search of a resonant explanation of what has gone wrong in an increasingly plutocratic America."

"After years in which his conservative views and his definition of the proper balance between civil liberties and security needs made him a target for liberal critics, Mr. Ashcroft has recently experienced a series of defeats and missteps that have put him under even more intense scrutiny, and not just from Democrats," reports the New York Times ' David Johnston and Richard Stevenson. LINK Given the obvious mandate of the writers, we bet that there are sighs of relief coming from Team Ashcroft, since they know full well that Bush White House advisers say worse things about their guy than what appears in the story.

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