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The DC-based watch group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington plans to file its complaint with the FEC today after Oregon Family Council and Citizens for a Sound Economy telephoned supporters urging them to help Nader get on Oregon's ballot in November. The groups deny wrongdoing. Chris Kinnan, spokesman for Citizens for a Sound Economy, tells ABC News it's all on the up and up. They even had a lawyer vet their plans in advance. LINK

For a freshened up Big Picture account of where things stand for Nader, see Reuters: LINK

Also, with just about $1 million raised so far, NC'04 is slated to receive $400,000 in federal matching funds, according to the campaign.

The deadline for Nader to secure his spot on the Florida ballot is not until September, but Democrats there are already gearing up for a challenge. Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times reports State Democratic Chairman Scott Maddox says he plans to legally challenge Nader unless he "dots every i and crosses every t" in his petition submissions.

Nader media man Kevin Zeese explains "The Nader campaign has decided against trying to run in Florida without party affiliation because that would require obtaining more than 93,000 signatures by mid July. The campaign is instead considering running Nader as a Reform Party candidate or creating a new minor party called the Populist Party." LINK A new Populist Party?! Kevin, we'll be calling you about that later.

The AP reports a poll of Muslim-American voters, conducted by an Islamic civil rights group the Council on American-Islamic Relations, finds very 26 percent favor Nader. Just two percent plan to vote for President Bush; 14 percent are undecided. Nader addressed concerns for Muslim-Americans at a Capitol Hill forum yesterday. He said Islam shouldn't be blamed for terrorism any more than Christianity should be blamed for the Crusades. LINK

Check out Aaron McGruder's latest Nader-caper installment in Boondocks. LINK

Lorraine Woellert of Business Week online estimates "[C]ollectively, Bush donors account for about $41,000 of the $1 million Nader has raised." The Nader campaign says many on that list have worked with Nader on issues in the past. LINK

(A small part of) the world is still waiting to find out more about what's going with the Dem-sanctioned Nader ballot-access challenge in Illinois. Letters to Nader and his stand-in running mate will be dropped no later than noon CST today/


The Washington Post 's Jonathan Weisman reports "a deep rift in the Republican Party has left Congress unable to pass a budget this year, raising the probability that, for the third time in three decades, lawmakers will not agree on a detailed blueprint for government spending and tax policy." LINK "The collapse of budget negotiations is more of a political embarrassment than a practical problem for GOP leaders, who only two years ago sharply criticized Democrats for failing to pass a budget when they controlled the Senate. But some Republicans fear that this year's impasse reflects an irreconcilable division within their party that will imperil the government's ability to set tax policy and address ever-widening deficits as the baby boomers begin to retire."

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