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Republicans fire at Florida Democrats who say they will scrutinize Nader's bid to secure a spot on Florida's presidential ballot. FLGOPers say it's ''beyond the bounds of hypocrisy.'' The Miami Herald reports, "Florida Democratic Party Chairman Scott Maddox said the party only wants to make sure that Nader legitimately qualifies for the Florida ballot. But the examination mirrors efforts across the country that Naderites say are designed to trip up the independent candidate as he tries to secure a spot on ballots across the United States — a daunting effort complicated by the Green Party rebuff of Nader over the weekend." LINK

Norman Soloman slams Nader in the Baltimore Sun. LINK


The Washington Post 's Brian Faler reports "the federal government is giving millions of dollars in farm subsidies to people who should not receive them, thanks to vague government regulations and insufficient oversight, according to congressional investigators." LINK The Wall Street Journal 's Tom Herman says that if same-sex marriage were legal, the Treasury would take in several hundred million additional dollars.

"[The] Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a lower-court redistricting plan for the Georgia legislature that benefited Republicans," reports the New York Times ' David Rosenbaum. LINK Campaign ad junkies should definitely check this out. LINK

The conventions:

Senator Teddy Kennedy — a peace-maker. Well, it seems that's his latest role in the now-public feud between Senator John Kerry and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Menino has become outspoken in recent days about Senator Kerry's decision not to speak at the U.S. Conference of Mayors earlier this week, and was upset about Kerry's idea to maybe not accept the nomination at the convention LINK

"'We're trying to work well every day with the mayor, but he appears to have his own issues that he chooses to deal with in his own way,' said one Kerry adviser who spoke on condition of anonymity."

Way to tamp things down, anonymous Kerry adviser!!!!

The New York Post 's Stephan Friedman writes up Mayor Menino's caustic remarks to the Boston Herald with the headline "BOSTON BOSS BLASTS KERRY." LINK Similarly, the New York Daily News' Derek Rose has this headline: "Beans! Boston mayor sez of Kerry." LINK Adrian Walker's column in the Boston Globe today explains that Gov. Bill Richardson, who doubles as the chairman of the Democratic National Convention, had asked local Boston Latino groups to organize a party in his honor for the convention, which they have done, but there's no money. LINK

The economy

The economy:

The New York Times ' Gretchen Morgenson writes that after voting to raise interest rates, "the nation will see how well Mr. Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman, plays the game of catch-up." LINK Steven Ratner writes in the New York Times that "the question is not whether rates will continue to go up, but how far and how fast." LINK The New York Times ' ed board agrees and contemplates the presidential calendar in all of this. LINK The Los Angeles Times' Janet Hook looks at the Fed's decision through a 41/42 lens.

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