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ABC and NBC lead with the military's attempts to try to track down Zarqawi. ABC: Jim Sciutto/ NBC: Jim Miklaszewski. CBS leads with the continued insurgency in Iraq. Kimberly Dozier reports.


ABC's Martha Raddatz reports the document obtained by ABC News is nine pages in Arabic and details the alleged contacts between Iraq and al Qaeda in the mid '90s. Defense and intelligence analysts say the document appears to be authentic. The contacts allegedly occurred in Sudan where bin Laden lived at the time, and before he was widely known as an international terrorist. One section of the document calls for "joint operations against foreign forces" in Saudi Arabia, but does not indicate whether that was actually approved or carried out.


Elizabeth Vargas reports "President Bush arrived in Ireland today for a summit with leaders of the European Union. He will be trying to get European leaders to take on more responsibility in Iraq. Mr. Bush's visit sparked a number of demonstrations by people opposed to the war."

NBC's David Gregory reports the President will make a last ditch attempt to enlist foreign help for Iraq. In Turkey where Bush will join other NATO leaders, there were large protests and even a bomb scare. Bush says he wants the NATO alliance to play a larger role in Iraq. In a testy interview with Irish TV, Bush said Europeans must help Iraqis at this critical moment. Irish news also captured the President in his undershirt, and image the Irish government did not want broadcast.

CBS's Bill Plante reports that tensions surfaced in interview between Bush and an Irish journalist. Many troops were deployed in Ireland, unlike most usual welcomes for a previous U.S. President, says Plante. Sen. Biden says to the international community that they need to set aside political difference because "this is much bigger than Kerry, bigger than Bush."


CBS's Jim Axelrod calls Gephardt and Edwards "frontrunners" with Graham and Vilsack as other possibilities. Axelrod reports that, in a Kerry rally today in Ohio, Edwards was an overwhelming, though not unanimous, choice today from the people in attendance. It's unclear how much Kerry actually cares what voters seek, but how well they can be president.


NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports Kerry traveled to Canton, Ohio today, but he is also on the road to the political middle, a detour away from the liberal label his opponents have attached to him. At every stop, Kerry tried to line up in the center, hoping to reach beyond his own Democratic base. Senior aides say they see no obstacle to this middle road and claim Kerry is feeling no pressure from the far left. (Stu Rothenberg SOT). He has tried to put his own liberal credentials on mute. Senior aides acknowledged that Kerry is working off a successful Clinton centralist model, decidedly not the populist class warfare Kerry aides say Al Gore waged.


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