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ABC's Dean Reynolds reports Jack Ryan seemed to have it all, until a couple of weeks ago. His decision to quit the race comes as no surprise to anyone who was following the story. Details of his divorce were released by a California judge, which included taking his ex-wife to sex clubs in New York and Paris and that he had tried to coerce her to have sex with him in front of strangers. Republicans were worried about how this kind of talk would play out in the rural areas of the state. There was also a sense of betrayal among them after Ryan had assured them that there was nothing damaging in his divorce records.

NBC's Brian Williams reports Jack Ryan has dropped out. Party leaders urged Ryan to drop out this week. Ryan said he was quitting to avoid a "brutal scorched earth campaign."


ABC's Dan Harris takes a closer look at Michael Moore's criticisms in his new film. In one instance, Moore comments that while the FAA closed all the airports in the U.S., some planes were authorized to pick up members of the bin Laden family and transport them out of the country. That is one of the harshest criticisms in the movie. However, Moore neglects to say that those flights were green-lighted by the same man Moore uses to bash Bush in the movie: Richard Clarke. (Clarke SOT). Moore also hints that the Bush family's financial ties to the Saudis may have made him less vigilant before 9/11. (Moore SOT from "This Week"). Clarke says "That's nuts." Finally, when Moore criticizes the war in Iraq, he uses idyllic pictures of life under Saddam Hussein. Moore admits he made no attempt to be balanced and he does point out facts that viewers may not be aware of, for instance that most members of Congress did not even read the Patriot Act.

NBC's Lisa Meyers examines some of Moore's assertions in his film. The sometime embarrassing video of powerful officials is authentic. The story of Lila, whose son was killed in Iraq was undeniable. Moore ambushes politicians on Capitol Hill, but Moore left out what congressman Mark Kennedy said.(Rep. Kennedy SOT). The film suggests ties between the Bush family and the Saudis and that Saudis as well as members of the bin Laden family were allowed to depart on 9/11. The 9/11 commission says no one was allowed to leave that the FBI wanted to question. One character in the film even suggests that President Bush is even worse than Osama bin Laden, "one of the excesses and distortions that may undermine credibility of Michael Moore's message."


CBS's Bob Orr reports that the exchange began when "Cheney and Leahy began trading barbs." Cheney responded to Leahy's comment about Republicans calling Democrats anit-catholic with "F- yourself" according to CBS sources. Cheney said it made himself feel better in a later interview. Kerry also used the same word in Rolling Stone. Bush "dropped an 'A' bomb" at the same time as they were trying to improve party relationships within the government, said Orr.


NBC's Don Teague highlights an event in Atlanta this weekend where over 100,00 Christians will gather for entertainment and enlightenment. Teague notes that this growing group cannot be ignored will undoubtedly have an impact on the economy and the election.


(Elizabeth Vargas substitutes)

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