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The Herald Notes the plans of local bus-touring companies during the convention, while some are contemplating staying closed, those famous Duck Tours will attempt to keep on quacking! LINK

Paul Kane of Roll Call writes that President Bush and Sen. McCain are talking about what kind of role McCain will assume at the Republican National Convention.

The Hill reports Michael Bloomberg will be hosting a "big tent" reception for Log Cabin Republicans in Bryant Park from 2:00-5:00 pm ET on Sunday, Aug. 29. Govs. Pataki and Schwarzenegger are expected to attend as well. LINK

The Boss has no convention related activities planned . . . yet, report Rush & Molloy. LINK


"A bill to grant more than 500,000 District citizens a voting representative in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time was introduced last night by House Government Reform Committee Chairman Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.)," reports the Washington Post's Spencer Hsu. LINK

Mark your calendars. July 14 is when Trent Lott intends to begin the first FEC oversight hearings in six years. LINK

Rep. Bob Ney's spokesperson takes Mayor Bloomberg to task for disinviting his boss to a Bloomberg hosted fundraiser. LINK

ABC News' Ed O'Keefe's Kerry campaign report:

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 22, 2004 -- Sen. John Kerry rarely wears his emotions on his sleeve. But for a candidate who so often scolds reporters for their insatiable veepstakes appetite, the presumptive Democratic nominee has suddenly taken a much lighter tone.

After meeting with Rep. Dick Gephardt for at least an hour and a half in his Senate hideaway last Wednesday, Kerry tersely snipped at the traveling press on a Detroit tarmac the following day: "Don't believe what you read. I read with amusement with aides who don't know what they're talking about . . . I'm the only person who knows when I will (make a decision)."

Just a day later, however, the mood began to lighten as Kerry joked for the first time about the high-stakes selection process, telling several thousand "Women for Kerry" donors, "I can see the headline: Kerry busy interviewing 2,500 candidates for Vice President of the United States."

Following the Woodley Park Washington fundraiser which raised a hefty $1.3 million, Kerry held for several minutes in a stark black motorcade purring in the 104-degree heat index swelter.

In the mean time, at campaign headquarters downtown, a gentleman the New York Times later described as looking "exactly like Sen. Bob Graham" entered an underground garage virtually undetected.

When the traveling press pool arrived with the candidate, several reporters quickly assumed veepstakes stakeout positions in and around the front, rear, and underground garage entrances.

Less than 10 minutes later, the traveling press pool was told the Senator would "imminently" depart for Capitol Hill. Standing by far from stakeout their posts for over an hour, Kerry eventually departed for his Russell office where he remained sans visitors, much to the surprise of his Senate staff, for just over an additional 60 minutes.

After Graham's doppelganger departed campaign headquarters, Kerry left the Russell building, ignoring an Edwards question and slyly avoiding confirmation of a Gephardt encounter (which by then was widely reported fact), insisting, "Nobody said I met with Mr. Gephardt. I only saw that in the media."

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