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Sen. Kerry resumes his campaign schedule, surrounding an afternoon speech to the SEIU with a breakfast fundraiser in San Francisco and an evening fundraiser in San Jose. Kerry continues to fundraise and focus on technology throughout this week, producing a packed schedule with few veepstakes friendly gaps.

President Bush heads to Philadelphia this morning and will designate Vietnam as the first Asian country to be a focus of his $15 billion plan to fight AIDS domestically and abroad. While in Pennsylvania, the President will also attend a RNC Victory 2004 fundraiser in Villanova before returning to Washington for an afternoon presentation of the 2004 Presidential Medals of Freedom in the East Room.

There is no morning gaggle or press briefing today from the White House.

Former President Clinton appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" and NBC's "Today" this morning. See our Morning Show Wrap for the highlights. LINK

Today he will attend another book signing near Wall Street in New York City before holding a town hall meeting carried on AOL and selected Infinity Broadcasting radio stations. Tonight the former President chats it up and takes your calls on CNN's "Larry King Live," and later talks about his life and times on "The Charlie Rose Show."

Secretary of State Colin Powell swears in John Negroponte in as the new U.S. ambassador to Iraq today during a ceremony at the State Department.

Michael Moore's much-talked-about film "Fahrenheit 9/11" opens in theaters today in New York City, and premieres in Washington, D.C. to an Uptown Theater full of opinion elites.

"My Life":

The New York papers are all over the lines of people waiting for Bill Clinton to sign their book. LINK and LINK

It appears from the early returns that "My Life" is already breaking non-fiction records.

That Kit Seelye has a career as a society columnist if she wants one!!!

The Washington Post's Lynne Duke wraps the Clinton book launch Tuesday, which drew thousands of fans. LINK

The New York Post business section looks at the publishing piling on effect and how it just may help David Maraniss. LINK

Kathy Kiely of USA Today looks at how "My Life" could boost Sen. Hillary Clinton's political career (as if she needed a whole lot of boosting!). LINK

Dick Morris continues to spin his Clinton conspiracy web in advance of Hillary's presidential run. LINK

As he hits the streets and the airwaves hawking his book, President Clinton is looking at a retrospective job approval rating of 62 percent, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. According to ABC News' Cheryl Arnedt, "Americans now split evenly on Clinton "as a person"; half say they've got a favorable impression of him, 49 percent unfavorable. Opinions of him were much more unfavorable -- as high as 67 percent negative -- during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and its aftermath."

Arnedt also Notes that Clinton's current rating is close to his 65 percent approval rating as he left office -- "one that tends to serve more as a farewell than as a true job evaluation," that his approval hit 69 percent in January 1998, and that his lowest number was 43 percent in June 1993, after the 1990-91 recession.

The Washington Post's Anne Applebaum takes a look at the vast intrigue of Clinton's new book. LINK

While the rest of the world focuses on the Lewinsky and Starr parts of President Clinton's memoirs, Walter Shapiro focuses on "the other stuff." LINK

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