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The Washington Post's ed board cautions that "buyers of Mr. Clinton's book should beware of the version of history he is selling." LINK

Good Housekeeping wins the battle for second serial rights, reports the New York Post. LINK

Cindy Adams suggests Bill Clinton is in early negotiations for his next book. LINK

The Washington Times discusses Clinton's Whitewater scandal in light of his new book. LINK

"My Life" "got off to a fairly slow start" in Cincinnati yesterday, the Enquirer reports. LINK

Though "Harry Potter he's not," writes the Sun Journal, Clinton's book still enthused "a reasonably good response" in Maine's Twin Cities yesterday. LINK

The Denver Post's Kieran Nicholson reports that former President Clinton "is slated to be the featured speaker at a $250-a-plate gala fundraiser" on July 20 for a memorial at Columbine High School. LINK

Fahrenheit 9/11:

It's not a campaign appearance, and depending on which side of the fence you stand on, it may be an election commercial, but "Fahrenheit 9/11" hits the screens in New York and premieres in Washington, D.C. today. We bring you a collection of opinion:

USA Today's Claudia Puig writes that politics aside, Moore's film entertains, and whether or not it actually moves voters one way or another, it gives voice to the President's critics. LINK

"Of course, its strong point of view in an increasingly polarized nation will draw both ardent support and virulent opposition. But no moviegoer will be bored. The documentary's scathing attack on the war in Iraq and George W. Bush's presidency is informative, provocative, frightening, compelling, funny, manipulative and, most of all, entertaining."

3 1/2 stars does it get in the Nation's Newspaper.

"That Mr. Moore does not like Mr. Bush will hardly come as news. 'Fahrenheit 9/11 . . . ' is many things: a partisan rallying cry, an angry polemic, a muckraking inquisition into the use and abuse of power. But one thing it is not is a fair and nuanced picture of the president and his policies," writes A.O. Scott in his New York Times review. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' great Kenneth Turan (trapped behind a paid registration wall on the Web) essentially calls the film a flawed tour de force, compares Michael Moore to Emile Zola, and gets to the heart of what scares and angers Moore's critics: "He's never made a documentary that so literally embodies the cliché of being ripped from today's headlines, that arrives in theaters precisely as the issues he's concerned with are getting maximum attention within the context of a heated presidential campaign. In fact, neither has anybody else."

The Madison Capital Times reports that "Fahrenheit 9/11" will open on two art-house theaters in Madison owned by one theater chain, but was rebuffed by another movie theater corporation. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

Roll Call says in an important story for insiders that the Bush campaign wants big donors to place their bets with state parties, rather than 527s.

As President Bush heads to Philadelphia today to talk compassion and his Administration's record and plan on HIV/AIDS, he will be hit with a pre-emptive attack in the form of a new radio ad from the Media Fund, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer's Thomas Fitzgerald. LINK

The ad accuses the President of breaking promises on education, jobs and health insurance.

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