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The Boston Globe's Michael Kranish looks at the small mentions, seemingly full of praise, of Sen. Kerry in former President Clinton's memoirs. Also Noted, his 1988 convention speech for another Massachusetts Democrat, then-Gov. Michael Dukakis. LINK

The Hartford Courant's David Lightman writes, "Forget the scream, the temper, the D.C. bashing. Howard Dean is fully committed to getting John Kerry elected president, and don't dare suggest otherwise." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush v. Kerry:

The AP's Martin Crutsinger writes that, by using the data that suits them, both candidates are sort of right about the economy. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jacob Schlesinger writes that Democrats are retuning their rhetoric from broad indictments of the economy to more narrow, pocket-book issues important to middle class voters. And it's today's Wall Street Journal free link. LINK

"The shift in the economic debate is significant, because it's been unclear how economic anxieties would compete with Iraq for voters' attention. President Bush's campaign also is shifting ground to take the new situation into account, sending administration aides and campaign officials out with each new batch of employment numbers to trumpet a turnaround in a subject that not long ago was a sore point. And they have begun portraying Mr. Kerry as an economic 'pessimist' who has a dour and unhelpful view of an economy that is turning up."

"Certainly the new version of the economic debate is harder for Democrats to win. Voters are less likely to turn out an incumbent if they see the economy broadly improving, even if they still have some specific pocketbook complaints."

"The changed terrain increasingly has Bush advisers comparing their candidate to Bill Clinton, a politician they're usually loath to invoke. Mr. Clinton launched his 1996 re-election campaign amid doubts about the strength of the economy, but by that November, voters were widely persuaded a solid boom was under way."

It's almost cooler than mapping the genome. Having pored through FEC filings, Glen Justice of the New York Times reports more donations to President Bush and Sen. Kerry's campaigns (and their national parties) have come from two specific buildings than from any others in the United States through April. LINK

Both John Weaver and Jim Jordan will enjoy the cameo by the Wyly brothers in the fourth-to-last paragraph.

Deb Orin of the New York Post monitored Laura Bush's online chat yesterday and plays up Family Circle's cookie recipe competition. LINK


The AP's Pickler details Kerry's secretive meeting (poetically in the Senate's "President's Room") with Sen. Edwards in Washington, D.C. Tuesday. LINK

The AP's Fournier Notes that while Virginia Gov. Mark Warner is not on Sen. Kerry's short list, he has valuable insight on how to raise taxes in a Republican legislature. Fournier gives Gov. Warner a few other pats on the back as well. LINK

Ralph Nader:

In a story that is must-reading and will be heart-warming for Kerry supporters, the Wall Street Journal's Avery Johnson summarizes Nader's "rocky start" and projects an uphill battle ahead, including the hard slogs of signature gathering and fundraising.

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