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There's speculation Nader's opposition to the war could be the issue that most resonates with supporters, and sets him apart from Bush-Kerry.

The Nader Factor leadership, Enright, Kofinis, and Hlinko followed up on their June 10 meeting with Nader to ask him how he is able to "find unity with Reform Party, Green Party and himself as an Independent, but cannot forge common ground with Democrats." LINK

When circulating petitions to put Nader on Nevada's presidential ballot, one fellow Independent picked his own vice presidential candidate, Victoria Jackson Gray Adams. The problem? Neither Nader nor Adams knew anything about it. LINK

The land of 5+2=7:

AP's Sharon Theimer reports that two campaign finance watchdog groups have filed a complaint against Americans Coming Together, alleging that the group is using soft money to finance its mailings. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

The latest Quinnipiac University poll takes a look at the race for the White House in the great state of New Jersey. In a head-to-head (to head) matchup, Sen. Kerry leads President Bush, 46 percent to 40 percent, with Ralph Nader claiming 7 percent. Conducted June 15-20, the survey of 1,167 registered voters in New Jersey also showed President Bush with the lowest approval rating of his term in the state: 42 percent approve, 54 percent disapprove.

The Wall Street Journal's ed board spits on New Jersey: "New Jersey is the butt of many jokes, and some of them are even unfair. But the Garden State will soon deserve its reputation as one of the highest-taxed places in America. Moreover, it is falling into the same 'progressive' tax trap that has done so much damage to California and New York."

Oregon is set to take advantage of President Bush's faith-based initiative for the first time by asking for $15 million in funds for religious groups to help substance abusers, according to the AP. LINK

Ohio's six congressional Democrats are calling for the resignation of the Bush's Administration's head of food programs because he has a "'callous and biased attitude'" about the needy. LINK

Blasting the Administration for taking too many liberties under the cover of war, an editorial in the Columbus Dispatch reads, "when you have the attorney general, White House counsel and defense secretary, presumably with the concurrence of the president, clustered around the distinctly odd notion that the law applies to the president except when he chooses for it not to, it doesn't take a seer to see the potential for grave mischief in some imaginable future." LINK

The St. Petersburg Times' Adam Smith compares the BC04 Florida operation with the combined efforts of ACT, the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign. LINK

Kerry's campaign said yesterday that "the political winds of change in Nevada have shifted toward the Democratic presidential candidate," pointing to Kerry's lead in several national polls. LINK

Tom Brown of the Seattle Times writes about the infamous "Anonymous," an alleged senior intelligence official critical of the Bush administration's policies toward the Muslim world, whose book "Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror," will be in stores next month but is already making waves around town. LINK

An editorial in the Charleston Gazette muses on the "amazing role reversal" of the images of old: Republicans as "the party of frugality, drafters of sensible balanced budgets" and Democrats as "irresponsible spenders." LINK

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