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Jodi Wilgoren of the New York Times writes up Kerry's 48 Nobel laureate endorsement and his critique on the Bush Administration for "letting ideology trump science." LINK

BC04 response with fortuitous timing: "'Only John Kerry would declare the country to be in scientific decline on a day when the country's first privately funded space trip is successfully completed,' Mr. Schmidt said in a statement, referring to the rocket plane SpaceShipOne's journey 62 miles from earth and back."

The "Facts, not Fear" memo made it into the Los Angeles Times' coverage of Kerry's day, too. LINK

Dick Morris opines about Kerry's dark horse status and how it just may prove effective. LINK

"If this is his strategy, Kerry's being wise. Modern politics is a lot like modern warfare, where precision-guided munitions never miss. The best way to avoid being killed is to avoid being seen."

Robert Worth of the New York Times does some follow up from the Associated Press' weekend story about a South Korean Kerry campaign donor "who has been arrested and charged with tax evasion." LINK

There still seem to be a lot of loose ends here.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush v. Kerry:

The Chicago Tribune's John McCormick compares the spending of the Kerry and Bush campaigns in May -- $32 million for Kerry, and $22 million for Bush. About half of the total $272.5 million spent by both so far has gone to ads. LINK

Vince Morris of the New York Post provides his readers with the latest fundraising numbers and radio ads. LINK


A new Raleigh News & Observer poll shows the gap between President Bush and Sen. Kerry narrows in North Carolina to less than 5 percentage points if Sen. John Edwards is selected as Kerry's running mate -- which may throw out the conventional wisdom that picking Edwards does nothing to the situation in North Carolina. LINK

"Kerry doesn't have to win North Carolina to win the presidency. Everybody knows that. Bush knows that. But by taking Edwards on the ticket, it really does force Bush to spend time in an area that, frankly, he can't afford to spend time in," says the pollster who conducted the survey.

Friends of Rep. Dick Gephardt are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to get him on the ticket with Sen. Kerry, reports The Hill. Last week, Democratic Reps. Gene Green and Sherrod Brown wrote separate letters to the Kerry campaign, urging the Senator to put the Missouri Democrat on the ticket. Green admitted the letters, which together have more than 25 signatures, were mostly an attempt to counter Sen. Edwards' supporters in the House, who wrote a similar letter last week. LINK

Tom Oliphant looks at presidential nominee veep choices from a historical standpoint and discussed the choices Sen. John Kerry has in front of him. "I'm told Kerry is fond of the cliche that veeps ultimately don't matter the way the top guy does. It's a cliche because it's true, but it is a sign of hubris to belabor the point." LINK

David Keene writes in The Hill that Kerry's flirtation with Sen. John McCain for his No. 2 will "come back and bite" him, since now whoever Kerry "ultimately selects is likely to be seen by the media as wanting in comparison to what might have been." LINK

Here's where some of the hopefuls will be this week:

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