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Vilsack -- Des Moines, Iowa through Tuesday, then a tour of the state through Thursday. Friday: Iowa Dem Party convo in Des Moines. Iowa First Lady Christine Vilsack will be a special guest at an AFSCME satellite rally for Sen. Kerry during his Thursday speech.

Bayh -- staff has not yet released his public schedule. He'll be in Washington through at least Thursday.

Biden -- Biden is in town each day this week, traveling back and forth to Wilmington per usual...possibly overnighting once in D.C. this week.

Clark -- No public events this week. He travels to New York next Monday for a fundraiser with Erskine Bowles.

Edwards -- D.C. this morning; at an Alabama fundraiser this evening, votes permitted. D.C. Wednesday and Thursday. Des Moines for Iowa State Dem Party convo on Friday and Saturday. Back in D.C. Saturday night into Sunday.

Graham -- D.C. all week. Senate business tomorrow. The DSCC has a reception at Union Station honoring retiring Senators on Thursday night. He's an honoree.

Cohen -- no public events.

Nunn -- N/A

Gephardt -- his staff says he has no public events and plans to be in Washington.

Warner -- In Washington today for a DLC event, Richmond the rest of the week.


Yesterday, The Note excerpted information from a Newsweek Periscope item that ran last week. The item we intended to excerpt, which appears on page six of the June 28, 2004 issue, runs as follows:

Veepstakes: "Kerry sources say the choice is narrowing to Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and former House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt, and that the candidate remains personally uncomfortable with Sen. John Edwards. Some say Kerry could still choose a wild card like Bill Cohen, the GOP senator who became Clinton's Defense secretary."

Ralph Nader:

Ralph Nader anointed Peter Camejo, a longtime activist and well-know leader in the Green Party as his running mate yesterday in Washington.

The New York Times' Glassman on Ralph Nader's choice of Camejo as his running mate: LINK

"The selection rekindled his association with the Greens and raised the outside possibility that they might endorse him and thereby put him on the ballot in 22 states and here in Washington."

Tricia Enright believes Camejo's selection sends a wake-up call to Democrats that Nader's ability to harm Kerry's chances is growing. LINK

We may never know how Camejo would do in a VP debate against Dick Cheney. But we do know how he would fare against Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. Camejo won 242,000 votes, or about 2.8 percent of the vote in California's recall elections -- and notoriety for his dexterity on the debate floor.

Camejo has campaigned on the national stage before too. In the '70s he collected 90,000 votes in his bid for president on the Socialist Workers Party. And did we mention he received a perfect score on the Math SAT test? LINK

But he is little-known outside California and the Green Party. LINK

In just one day the Green Party national convention gets underway in Milwaukee and a candidate for president will be named this Saturday. LINK

As it happens, the two leading candidates for that slot are David Cobb, a formidable candidate and former Nader organizer in Texas who has campaigned hard to win his party's support -- and Nader's new number two, Peter Camejo.

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