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On Sunday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune's James Rosen offered what the paper called the "first story in an occasional series on key national issues from one of the swing states in the presidential election." This one focused on Michigan, of which Rosen wrote, "The displeasure that some Michigan Republicans are expressing over U.S. involvement in Iraq has GOP strategists in the state on edge. Michigan is a battleground state that hasn't gone for a Republican presidential candidate since it backed Bush's father in 1988." LINK

The St. Paul Pioneer Press' Tom Webb reports that Minnesota's Sen. Norm Coleman "has embraced an unusual niche in this year's presidential race. It is focused, in part, on encouraging Jewish voters to switch tickets and vote for President Bush." LINK

The Arizona Republic reports that "A massive voter registration drive is under way throughout the Valley and some strategic corners of Arizona aimed at reaching more than 200,000 Latinos and other minority groups before the Nov. 2 election. To accomplish that goal, two nonpartisan groups plan to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire workers to register new voters in Arizona." LINK

On Sunday, the Arizona Republic's Jon Kamman wrote about the paper's new poll of 600 likely Arizona voters that showed, "Arizona voters, narrowly split between candidates, see President Bush as more capable of handling war and combating terrorism but Sen. John Kerry as the better choice for dealing with most domestic issues." LINK

The AP's Peter Jackson compares the two presidential campaign managers for Pennsylvania, the Bush campaign's Guy Ciarrocchi and the Kerry campaign's Tony Podesta. LINK

The Kansas City Star's Steve Kraske reports, "Sounding like he was still running for president, Howard Dean ripped President Bush on Sunday for the Iraq war and for damaging America's worldwide reputation" as made a stop in Kansas City on Sunday for a fundraiser for Missouri senate candidate Nancy Farmer. LINK

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jo Mannies also writes up Dean's Missouri visit, Noting that he is "trying to rebuild the Democratic Party -- one local contest at a time." LINK

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that democrats in Washoe County had better make sure Kerry makes it out to Nevada if they are to beat President Bush, whom spoke to a crowd of almost 10,000 people in Reno Friday and was "garnering unfettered media attention and rallying supporters." LINK

While Nevada Democrats criticized the President for refusing to address the Yucca Mountain issue during his Friday visit to Nevada, Republicans countered saying that the economy and the war on terrorism are more important to Nevada voters. LINK

Soon after Bush and the Clintons surprised the country with their chumminess during the portrait unveiling, Bush has mended fences again, this time with once biter rival, John McCain whom he has started campaigning with. A Seattle Times editorial examines this relationship. LINK

This summer, a university student and Bangor, Maine native will kick-off Bike the Vote, a bicycle trek across the state designed to raise awareness and recruit voters for the November elections. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

The Boston Globe's Brian Mooney takes an in-depth look at the huge debate about electronic voting. Does it work, or does it not? That is the question no one seems to agree on. LINK

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