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Nice smile, guy -- the Boston Globe goes inside the presumptive nominee's mouth on its gossip page. LINK

The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman and Jim VandeHei report that Sen. Kerry "will step up his campaign accusing President Bush of saddling the middle class with lower wages and higher costs for health care, education and gasoline, top advisers said yesterday." LINK

But, they Note: "Both the Bush and Kerry campaigns are using selective data to paint very different portraits of a U.S. economy that is humming for some, but hurting others. Americans with higher incomes, real estate in hot markets, stocks and reliable jobs are feeling much less of a pinch than most Americans. But there is no disputing costs such as health care are rising by double digits for most workers, and that many Americans are returning to the workforce with lower wages or fewer hours or benefits, or not returning at all."

The Los Angeles Times' Matea Gold and Michael Finnegan Note that after Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill and senior advisers Tad Devine, Mark Mellman, and Gene Sperling briefed reporters at the campaign's headquarters on what they deemed the failed economic policies of the Bush Administration, Kerry talked to 300 donors about the middle class having a tough time from Jon Bon Jovi's "castle-like New Jersey estate." LINK

Teresa Heinz Kerry tells the CBS Evening News tonight it was anger over the way Vietnam Vet and Democratic Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia was attacked during his campaign in 2002 that pushed her away from the Republican Party. "Three limbs and all I could think was, 'What does the Republican party need, a fourth limb to make a person a hero?' " LINK

You wouldn't know Kerry is set to visit Columbus this afternoon based on the local media coverage. Yesterday's conveniently timed announcement by the Bush Administration of the arrest of a man alleged to have targeted a Columbus-area mall has conveniently kicked Kerry off the front pages of nearly all of Ohio's newspapers. In Columbus, WBNS-TV's Web site has Kerry's visit as its eight-highest story, the Columbus Dispatch has a short Kerry write-up on the back page of the Metro section, and the WCMH-TV and WSYX-TV Web sites make essentially no mention of the visit at all. LINK

BusinessWeek's Alexandra Starr looks at Democratic efforts to mold "Sideline Singles" into a potent new voting bloc. LINK

Duke University Prof. Peter Feaver Notes in the New York Times that "there is a deeper conflict of interest . . . that Mr. Kerry must overcome. The president's political fortunes improve if the situation in Iraq improves, putting Mr. Kerry in the awkward position of having as much to gain from Iraqi failure as Mr. Bush has from Iraqi success." LINK

The Congress:

ABC News' Linda Douglass reports that freshman Democratic Rep. Chris Bell will file a complaint today with the House ethics committee alleging Tom DeLay violated both ethics rules and federal laws on several occasions.

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