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The legendary political consultant and pollster, remembered. LINK

Vice President Cheney called Teeter his most important political consultant. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

The Miami Herald's Marc Caputo writes that despite nominal support from the White House, former Cabinet secretary Mel Martinez has yet to catch fire in the GOP U.S. Senate primary race against former Rep. Bill McCollum. Thus far, Martinez has not capitalized on the Hispanic community, says one supporter who endorsed based on the promise of White House help, and has yet to hit the airwaves to talk about his story statewide. LINK

If only the Republicans could play nice, like Deutsch and Castor.

Morning show wrap:

The economy:

Mary Kissel of the Wall Street Journal reports that a wide trade deficit and strong retail sales are spurring market concerns that inflation is growing. The Commerce Department reported a record $48.3 billion trade deficit in April, up 3.6 percent since March and showing a $1.5 billion drop in exports.

The Wall Street Journal's Lauren Etter reports that according to the latest Manpower survey, about 30 percent of American companies say they plan to add workers to their payrolls in the third quarter of this year -- continuing the employment projections for the second quarter. The sectors most likely to hire: construction, wholesale, retail trade, services, and manufacturing.

The politics of national security:

The Washington Post's Dan Eggen reports "the independent commission probing the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has found evidence suggesting the attacks were intended to be carried out in May or June of that year, but were postponed by al Qaeda leaders because lead hijacker Mohamed Atta was not ready, according to sources privy to the panel's findings." LINK

The politics of faith:

Raphael Lewis and Michael Paulson report in the Boston Globe, Massachusetts churches will gives pre-election scorecards the Massachusetts Catholic Conference is sending letters to all 710 parishes in the state encouraging Catholics to ''share their profound disappointment" with lawmakers who did not vote to ban gay marriage earlier this year. The lobbyist for the state's Catholic bishops issued the mailings which prods Catholics to bestow ''highest praise" for lawmakers who opposed gay marriage. LINK

ABC News Vote 2008:

"Iowans are used to national politicians showing up years ahead of presidential elections to start building the groundwork for a caucus campaign. What they aren't used to are leaders who tell them things they may not want to hear," begins David Yepsen. "Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was in Iowa for the state GOP convention last weekend, and instead of pandering, he talked about issues that can chafe an elephant's hide in this state." LINK

SILVERDOCS, SILVERDOCS, It's Movietime in the City:

If you haven't made arrangements yet -- The Note sincerely hopes to see you at the SILVERDOCS AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival (LINK). There are important and interesting documentaries all day long and into the night each day starting TODAY.

The Note especially considers Thursday's "On the Road: Documenting the Candidate" a must-attend event. Auteurs in attendance will include: George Butler, Paul Stekler, Jesse Moss LINK, and others, for a panel moderation by Mark Halperin of ABC News.

The promised three-minute sneak peek at Butler's upcoming film on John Kerry -- due out before election day -- is by itself good reason to journey to Silver Spring, Md. The film, optioned from Douglas Brinkley's book Tour of Duty (LINK) remains untitled. Paul Stekler's documentary Last Man Standing shows in its entirety earlier in the day Thursday at 4:45 pm ET.

Tickets and all the information you need can be found right here at the SILVERDOCS Web site. LINK

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