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The conventions:

Steve LeBlanc of the Associated Press trumps Jennifer Rosinski's excellent Boston Herald article this morning on the state of negotiations between the Boston Police Patrolman's Association and the City of Boston. We realize when negotiations break off at 5:00 am the AP has the advantage.

The AP's up-to-the-minute account of stalled negotiations that will start up again on Wednesday: LINK

The Boston Herald's Rosinski's look at how the marathon negotiating session got underway yesterday: LINK

City negotiators and police worked through the night for resolution of their Fleet Center labor dispute, which temporarily delayed work on the site of the Democratic National Convention. The patrolmen have been working without a contract for two years. Negotiations are to resume Wednesday. The AP reports the standoff is taking it toll on the DNC. Each day of lost work is estimated to a cost of $100,000, in addition to stalled planning. LINK

The Boston Globe's Michael Levenson reports ''Mayor Menino gets involved with these agreements when it's the last of the ninth, when his presence is key to getting a deal done," according to spokesman Seth Gitell. The union wants a 16 percent to 18 percent raise over four years and has rejected Menino's offer of an 11.9 percent raise over four years. LINK

Casting Call: to all performers ages 5 to 18 with interest in performing at the Democratic National Convention reading The Note today. Submit an application and three- to four-minute videotape, audiotape or CD by Thursday to: Fleet Boston Celebrity Series, Att.: Student Performance at the DNC, 20 Park Plaza, Suite 1032, Boston, MA 02116. LINK

Visitors, and one Paul Revere impersonator in period dress, ooh and ahh over the structure that may signal Boston is on its way to "becoming a first-class city," but it isn't the convention site LINK

You may have seen an item or two in the New York tabloid gossip pages last week about Ed Koch and a big elephant roaming the Upper West Side. If you are still wondering what that was all about . . . wonder no more.

Today the New York City Host Committee is launching a television and radio ad campaign aimed at recruiting volunteers for this summer's big Republican bash. Both spots star the volunteer recruiter-in-chief, former Mayor Ed Koch. The ads will be running not just in the five boroughs but all throughout the tri-state region through mid-July.

From the press release:

"The TV spot featuring former Mayor Koch and Minnie (his 7,500 pound African elephant co-star) was filmed in various locations across New York City and continues to build on the Host Committee's message that urges New Yorkers to 'make nice' and volunteer to welcome the thousands of visitors who will be in town in August for the Republican Convention."

Here's the script for the 30 second television spot entitled, "No Parking:"


Ed Koch:

New York City-the greatest city in the world No wonder the Republicans are coming here for their National Convention While they're here, make nice. Volunteer to show 'em the ropes. They won't know uptown from downtown. They've never ordered pizza by the slice. They don't know from alternate-side-of-the-street parking. Hey you. Move it. It's Tuesday.

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