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ANNCR: Be a part of it. Apply to volunteer online at New York City residents, call 311 for more information.

Of course it couldn't really be a Sheekey production without the 311 plug.

The New York Times' Michael Slackman writes up the former Mayor Koch's star turn. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

Sen. Kerry will visit the Hilltop neighborhood of Columbus on Tuesday in his first public rally in Ohio since March. Says state Rep. Dan Stewart, "This is a big swing area. If (Kerry) wins the hearts and minds of the Hilltop, he's got a real good shot." LINK

Kerry also stops in Cincinnati on Tuesday. LINK

There's a war of words going on in the Columbus Dispatch between the Bush Administration and the Kerry camp. Last week, an Administration official told the paper that longer food lines in the Buckeye State might be because some people are "taking the easy way out." In response, Kerry slammed the Administration as "out of touch."

Along Florida's 1-4 corridor, Democrats are doing a better job at registering new voters than Republicans. LINK

And the Kerry campaign's ground presence is beginning to be felt, per the Sentinel's Mark Silva.

See also:

"Taleb Salhab, Orlando-based chairman of Florida's Arab-American Leadership Council, says sentiment has shifted among some 200,000 Arab-Americans living mainly in Central and South Florida. ' Traditionally, our community has been conservative, and over 70 percent voted for Bush," said Salhab, leading a voter-registration drive here Saturday. "This year, it's the exact opposite.'"

Florida Democrats will scrutinize ballots in November. LINK

Don't talk to Nevadans about how high fuel prices are putting a crimp on the economy: Las Vegas had its best April for tourism ever this year. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Jane Norman writes that the Medicare discount card fight is moving into Iowa, as Sens. Harkin and Grassley begin to spar over the new program. LINK

The Secretary of State in West Virginia will soon have "a couple of recommendations" for county clerks about how to eliminate the voting woes that "plagued" the May primary. LINK

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette profiles a few local engineers who volunteered to go to Iraq and help restore electricity. LINK

A small town in Minnesota, Sleepy Eye, is working hard to adjust its school system to the large growing number of Hispanic children there, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press. LINK

The Pioneer Press looks at how Minnesota's members of the U.S. Congress are seeking to permanently commemorate former President Reagan's death -- starting with Sen. Norm Coleman's idea to name the Pentagon after him. LINK

The politics of trade:

The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman writes about the corporate tax bill, whose latest incarnation is expected to be drafted today in the House Ways and Means Committee, that repeals the export subsidy that set off the maelstrom in the World Trade Organization and replaces it with business tax breaks to take out the sting. LINK

"Passage has become imperative: Retaliatory sanctions by the European Union have now tacked 8 percent onto the price of a variety of U.S. exports, from leather and jewelry to timber and thoroughbreds, and the penalty will rise by 1 percentage point a month until the subsidy is lifted."

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