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The New York Times' Rick Lyman gives such a vivid account of 41's parachute jump that you almost think he had jumped out of the plane with him. LINK


For 40 "fiery" minutes at a New Hampshire fundraiser last night, Gore blasted Bush on everything from Iraq and Ahmed Chalabi to the Patriot Act and the deficit, according to the Union Leader. LINK

Thirty-two states will end their budget year in surplus, although what analysts from all political persuasions call "structural problems" will give budget-writers a headache into perpetuity. LINK

Tired of the same-old, same-old with the Dems and GOP? The Washington Times' Deb McCown offers a handy guide to other parties. Rural Party, anyone? LINK

"The Bush administration's decision to shut down most of the federal government Friday in honor of the late Ronald Reagan was in keeping with a tradition that stretches back more than 50 years. But it was also one that cost taxpayers millions of dollars in government employee wages," reports the Washington Post's Brian Faler. LINK

Roll Call is reporting that David Kelly, the acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, is working with Senate legal officials to obtain evidence for a federal investigation into the Judiciary Committee's stolen memo case.

Attention TV bookers -- if you haven't been given one already, Al Kamen has a glimpse at a new media sign-in questionnaire to be filled out and given back to her before interviews with Secretary of State Powell. Among the blanks to fill in: "'current ratings estimate'" and "'expected questions and/or topics for the interview.'" LINK

SILVERDOCS, SILVERDOCS, It's Movietime in the City:

Fulfilling our responsibility as a sometimes purveyor of those things which are good, edifying and useful to you, The Note directs your attention to this week's return of the SILVERDOCS AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival ( and, most specifically, "On the Road: Documenting the Candidate" -- a film presentation and panel on how documentaries shape public perceptions about candidates and reveal their personalities THIS THURSDAY NIGHT.

All of this takes place starting tomorrow in lovely Silver Spring, Md., at what has quickly become a must-attend event.

There are important and interesting documentaries all day long and into the night each day starting Tuesday, but Note readers will probably be most drawn to Thursday night's 7:00 pm ET event.

The panel of auteurs includes: George Butler, Paul Stekler, Jesse Moss (, and others, with attempted moderation by Mark Halperin of ABC News.

For Netflix queue management planning purposes, (, the political documentaries cherry-picked for scene setting are: RFK Remembered (Charles Guggenheim 1968); Pumping Iron, (Butler 1976); Last Man Standing, (Stekler 2004) and a three-minute sneak peek at Butler's upcoming film on John Kerry.

Butler's Kerry film -- due out before election day -- is causing quite a buzz in political circles, and you would be, basically, foolish to miss this peek.

Note: The work is at present, untitled and will heretofore be referred to as "The Untitled Work About John Kerry," or "TUWAJK."

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