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The Washington Post's Mike Allen points out the alleged pitfalls of President Bush's big picture management style, in which he proudly focuses on larger goals and delegates, delegates, delegates the details to his aides. LINK

"Outsiders, including some Republicans who speak forlornly about the debacle, said the Abu Ghraib scandal is the price Bush is paying for lacking curiosity and showing unwillingness to delve into potential roadblocks to his larger mission."

While you gotta love any analysis piece that works in a quote about hubris about any politician, we've seen this story before: Jackie Calmes, Wall Street Journal, May 19.

Harold Meyerson writes in a Washington Post op-ed that President Bush has indeed changed the tone in Washington -- among Democrats. LINK

The Washington Times' James Lakely aggregates the blizzard of criticism by President Bush's opponents, and suggests Democrats are crossing the war-time line. LINK

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank previews President Bush's trip to Italy and France to commemorate World War II and to seek support for the situation in Iraq. LINK

The Boston Globe's Gareth Cook reports, "A majority of the US Senate has signed a letter asking President Bush to lift the government's funding restrictions on embryonic stem cells, increasing the pressure to change a policy critics say is holding back potentially lifesaving medical research." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush v. Kerry:

Gerald F. Seib writes in the Wall Street Journal that because the Midwest's prime battlegrounds will likely decide the election, the economy, not Iraq, will dominate the landscape in the final months. LINK

The Boston Globe's ed board offers their two cents on the campaign ad truth-squadding fad that's going around. They write, "Bush campaign advertisements in battleground states have so distorted John Kerry's record that the voters soon won't be able to know what to believe. It is time to flag these ads and call the foul." LINK

Roll Call's Chris Cillizza reports, "After weeks of watching President Bush battered over the war in Iraq, the Republican National Committee, along with House and Senate Republicans, are preparing a two-week counter-offensive against Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and key supporters."

And here we thought that the GOP Hill counter-offensive was an on-going, never ending process.

ABC News Vote 2004: Sen. John Kerry:

AP's Darlene Superville looks at Sen. Kerry's national security focus for today: bioterrorism. LINK

The New York Times' Jodi Wilgoren scene-set Tuesday's speech: "A 20-year veteran of the Senate's foreign relations committee, Mr. Kerry spoke here at the nation's 18th busiest commercial port, in front of a massive cargo ship piled with colorful containers, an American flag tacked on its port side for the occasion. It was his ninth day in the critical electoral battleground of Florida over the past three months, part of his 17th visit since beginning his presidential bid; Mr. Bush has returned to the state that handed him the White House 21 times since his election. LINK

The Washington Post's Dan Balz wraps Kerry's speech in Florida on Tuesday, which focused on securing nuclear materials and preventing them from falling into the hands of terrorists. Kerry slammed President Bush, saying the Administration has not made nuclear nonproliferation a priority, leaving the U.S. vulnerable to possible nuclear attack. LINK

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