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On Sunday, the Washington Post's Alan Cooperman looks at how clergy of Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Conservative Judaism in Massachusetts are trying to decide whether they should preside over same-sex marriage ceremonies and risk the consequences within their churches. LINK

On Saturday, Jonathan Finer of the Washington Post wrote that opponents of same-sex marriage are pushing forward with a plan to amend state and federal constitutions to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, regardless of what's about to happen in Massachusetts. LINK

The Boston Globe's Pat Healy on Saturday reported that Kerry met with gay-rights groups to solidify an alliance between them and his campaign, while making peace with gay leaders who are angry with Kerry's position on same-sex marriage. LINK

On Sunday, Peter Canellos of the Boston Globe chronicled how the gay rights movement went from hesitating on the issue of gay marriage when its organizers began 14 years ago to full steam ahead to what had been considered unthinkable. LINK

Newsweek's Howard Fineman writes that the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign has brought out its secret weapon: First Lady Laura Bush. LINK

The Washington Post's Tom Edsall, Sarah Cohen and James Grimaldi began their two-part look at the Bush Money Machine on Sunday, examining how the Bush family's network of political and business contacts evolved into Pioneers, Rangers and Super Rangers -- and what those bundling fundraisers get for their work. LINK

"Since 1998, Bush has raised a record $296.3 million in campaign funds, giving him an overwhelming advantage in running against Vice President Al Gore and now Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.). At least a third of the total -- many sources believe more than half -- was raised by 631 people."

More: "Of the 246 fundraisers identified by The Post as Pioneers in the 2000 campaign, 104 -- or slightly more than 40 percent -- ended up in a job or an appointment."

The New York Times' Stevenson looked at the President's attempt to increase his share of the Jewish vote this November. LINK

"President Bush's Middle East policy may or may not help bring peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but at home it is giving Republicans a chance to make inroads among a crucial element of the Democratic base: Jewish voters and donors."

"Strategists in both parties and analysts at Jewish organizations say the Bush campaign, capitalizing on the president's strong support for Israel, has made an aggressive effort to court Jewish contributors, long a backbone of the Democratic Party's financial support."

Other Noteworthy items from the story include a reminder that large Jewish populations exist in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. Also, Matthew Dowd's expectations setting for better than the President's 2000 showing but not quite as good as Reagan's 1980 showing with Jewish voters.

"Pit bull" or "attack puppy?" You decide. RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie got some Sunday profile treatment courtesy of the New York Times' Rick Lyman. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' John-Thor Dahlburg wrote on Sunday about this weekend's Hispanic Leadership Summit in Florida, where Latino Democrats gathered to get out the Hispanic vote for Kerry. Chairman McAuliffe told the assembled faithful that winning the hearts and minds (or at least votes) of two thirds of the three million Hispanic voters could put Kerry over the top in Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona. LINK

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