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The Boston Globe's Pat Healy previews Kerry's planned remarks in Topeka today, where he didn't as of last night plan to comment on gay marriages. LINK

The AP's Mike Glover writes up Kerry's remarks almost as though they've already happened. LINK

Regarding today's Topeka tour, the Los Angeles Times offers great color on who is landing where when and how, reporting Kerry "is scheduled to arrive first at the city's largely deserted Forbes Field Airport, which last year saw its last commercial air carrier leave town. And his chartered 727 jetliner will be off the ground at 11:15 a.m. and headed for Portland, Ore., by the time Bush touches down before noon in Air Force One." LINK

(We did Note Kerry's reported request for "'the nicest room'" in the Ramada...)

The New York Times' Sink follows up on the letter from Bishop Sheridan of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs saying "Catholics should not receive communion if they vote for politicians who support abortion rights, stem-cell research, euthanasia or same-sex marriage." LINK

Frank James of the Chicago Tribune reports that Kerry talked up a tougher stance on enforcing international trade agreements in front of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which endorsed him. Kerry's support for NAFTA did not make him an early favorite with the Teamsters, who had supported the presidential candidacy of Rep. Richard Gephardt -- who was in the audience in Las Vegas Sunday. LINK

The Las Vegas Review Journal wraps Kerry's seven-hour visit to the city. "Some of Kerry's votes on trade agreements, which caused him some early trouble in the Democratic fight for the nomination, still rub many union members the wrong way...But Teamsters President James Hoffa, in a meeting with reporters, said Kerry is evolving on the trade issues important to the union base." LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman on Sunday looked at the upcoming Kerry house-party strategy, made famous by Howard Dean and possible by Karen Hicks. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush v. Kerry:

USA Today's Martin Kasindorf previews the New Democrat Network poll set for release on Tuesday that shows "President Bush leads in the contest for Florida's potentially decisive Latino vote but is failing to cut into John Kerry's strength with Latinos in the Southwest battlegrounds of Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada." LINK

The AP's William Kole writes about election fever for Democrats and Republicans overseas. LINK

Kristin McQueary writes in the Chicago Sun-Times about a Daily Southtown poll that shows Kerry leading Bush in Illinois, even with Ralph Nader on the ballot (46-41-8), and Notes that Nader must gather 25,000 signatures by June 21 to appear on the Illinois ballot. McQueary reminds readers that Nader won 2 percent of the statewide Illinois vote in 2000. LINK

In a separate story, McQueary looks at the same poll and Notes that while 46 percent of the likely Illinois voters surveyed think Bush has handled Iraq poorly, the President has closed the gap between himself and Kerry. The Massachusetts Senator leads Bush, 48 to 43 percent in the survey -- far narrower than the 13-point gap by which Kerry led in the same poll in March. Overall, President Bush's approval rating among Illinois voters is 49 percent. LINK


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