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On NBC's "Today Show," Sen. Saxby Chambliss said of Rumsfeld that "resignation is not an option at this point in time." Sen. Joe Lieberman concurred, saying he would feel "really guilty" asking a Secretary of Defense to step down "in the middle of a war."

On ABC's "Good Morning America," Kate Snow reported on the Rumsfeld story from the White House. George Stephanopoulos said not a single Republican has broken ranks but that he spoke to several Republican senators yesterday and "they are furious" at Rumsfeld, whom they view as "arrogant" and "contemptuous." Stephanopoulos said Rumsfeld is going to have to "eat crow" on Capitol Hill today because the people he will be facing are "so angry that he didn't tell them about these pictures." ABC introduced its Rumsfeld coverage with a graphic of today's New York Times editorial and the cover of The Economist, both of which call on Rumsfeld to resign.

NBC's Jim Miklaszewski introduced his package by reporting that Rumsfeld will apologize for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners when he testifies before Congress. CNN's Ed Henry, of "Heard on the Hill" fame, delivered his live shot for CNN's "American Morning" from the hearing room where Rumsfeld will testify today and said the Secretary of Defense will call for an independent investigation into the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

On CBS' "Early Show," David Martin handled the Rumsfeld story from the Pentagon, Bill Plante handled duties from the White House. Bill Plante's package featured old video of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush admitting to mistakes.

The politics of taxation:

The corporate tax bill is getting increasingly pork-stuffed, reports the Wall Street Journal's Murray. See the pork roll at the bottom of the piece.

The politics of same-sex marriage:

The United Methodist Church examines the possibility of an official split between the left and the right over the issue of same-sex marriage, reports the New York Times' Goodstein. LINK

The politics of faith:

The Washington Post's Alan Cooperman reports that the American Life League, a Catholic anti-abortion group, is beginning a $500,000 print ad campaign against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick for saying he did not agree with the idea of denying Communion to Sen. John Kerry because of his views on abortion rights as a Catholic politician. LINK

Environmental politics:

The Washington Post's Blaine Harden looks at how the Bush Administration's change in policy on protecting wild salmon could have become an issue for environmentally minded voters in Washington state. To paraphrase a Portland pollster, however: when there are economic and national security issues at stake, environmental issues just aren't that big a kettle of fish. LINK

The Boston Globe's Stephanie Ebbert reports, "As he introduced a new state policy to combat global warming, Governor Mitt Romney had a surprise for the environmentalists gathered along the Charles River Esplanade yesterday: Personally, he's not sure global warming is happening." LINK

Democratic National Convention:

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein reports that Boston officials have reached an agreement with AFSCME, "giving a boost to Mayor Thomas M. Menino's efforts to avoid labor troubles" at the convention. LINK

Republican National Convention:

Reuters on United for Peace's appeal of "an official ban on a rally in New York's Central Park to protest President Bush's policies the day before the Republican National Convention in August." LINK

Making votes count:

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