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The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg looks at the media darlings of the moment and wonders whether the 9/11 commissioners have made themselves too available to media. LINK

The Washington Post's Dana Priest examines George Tenet's retracted statement that he did not talk to President Bush for the entire month of August 2001. LINK

The Washington Post's Pincus and Eggen Note "U.S. intelligence services failed to recognize the emergence of the al Qaeda terrorist network until more than a decade after it was founded in 1988, playing down a tide of reports that documented the danger posed by the group, according to findings released yesterday by the commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks." LINK

The Washington Post's Eggen and Pincus report "the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday called on former deputy attorney general Jamie S. Gorelick to resign from the commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, arguing that she has "an inherent conflict of interest" because she wrote a memo nine years ago setting out the procedures for FBI information sharing in counterintelligence cases." LINK

The Washington Times says that "pressure is growing" on Gorelick to stand aside. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's editorial page urges that recusal.

The New York Times' Maureen Dowd is befuddled at the "sluggish imaginations" of the Bush Administration. LINK

The New York Times editorial page discusses the "incuriosity" of President Bush. LINK

What up, G:

It's Gabe. With a "g."

There is one journalist in New York who after 40 years of covering politics in this city gets the immediate respect and attention of all those who come stumping through the Big Apple. We recall that one time in 2000 when Al Gore walked into Café Lalo on the Upper West Side he made a beeline past every national reporter to say hello and shake his hand.

His name is Gabe Pressman (LINK) -- not "Abe" as Sen. Kerry referred to him not once, but twice during yesterday's press availability.

When the campaign next swings through Gotham, we hope the Senator will make amends. (It won't be tough. Gabe is much easier to pronounce than, say, "Luis.")

ABC News Vote 2004: Sen. John Kerry

The things that pass for funny these days! Team Kerry launches a new Web video on this tax day.

The misery index and "Compact with the Next Generation" will both make an appearance on the Kerry campaign trail today. Also, the campaign will release a new analysis that claims to show that Kerry's tax plan provides three times as much tax relief for middle-class families as Bush.

A campaign source tells ABC News' Dan Harris team Kerry will raise more than $100 million this year -- between Jan. 1 and the Democratic National Convention on July 26. That's a significant increase from their initial $80 million projection. And the number certainly could rise. Kerry people have been waxing rhapsodic about the incredible influx of funds. Most admit, though, that the success has more to do with anger at Bush than enthusiasm for Kerry.

The Orlando Sentinel's Mark Silva, who by this fall, will become even more of a superstar than he already is, welcomes Kerry to his growing burg. LINK

Kerry will:

--appear across the state

--do "Meet the Press" on Sunday

--collect millions at fundraisers.

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