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"In fact, some of Mr. Edwards' donors are adamant on the subject: They've told Mr. Kerry that if he wants all '150 percent' of their support, he ought to put Mr. Edwards on the ticket. 'I think the Edwards people genuinely feel that he would be the preferential Vice Presidential person on the ticket,' said Laura Ross, the former chair of the Women's Leadership Forum and one of Mr. Edwards' leading fund-raisers, describing the events at the St. Regis. 'So a few of them made the message clear: We support you, of course, but if you want to see our firepower, put Edwards on the ticket.'"


The New York Observer's Hagan (re-)breaks the news that Al Gore and business partner Joel Hyatt are set to close a deal to purchase a cable channel for $70 million from Vivendi "making them the owners of the tiny digital-cable channel Newsworld International (NWI), moving Mr. Gore from politics to mini-media-moguldom." LINK

The former Vice President reportedly sought the help of Jacques Chirac in closing the deal. Gore is now searching for his version of a Roger Ailes.


The New York Times' Todd Purdum spent some time with Ralph Nader recently in North Carolina and sizes up his current White House bid. LINK

"No, he says, he is neither a nut nor a narcissist. Yes, he agrees with his sharpest Democratic critics that defeating President Bush is essential. In the end, he believes, out-of-power Democrats will rally around John Kerry, and Mr. Nader will take votes from disaffected Republicans and independents. He is running as an independent, but might accept the endorsement of the Green Party, which nominated him four years ago, though not if doing so means refraining from campaigning in swing states, as some in the party insist."

The politics of national security:

The New York Times takes a look at the search for Ambassador Bremer's replacement and reports one key quality will be for that person to get along well with the president. LINK

The New York Times reports the new chief weapons inspector, Charles Duelfer, has " … acknowledged that American inspectors had still not found any evidence of an illicit arsenal. But he seemed less inclined than his predecessor, David Kay, to close the door on the possibility that such weapons might yet be found … " LINK

The politics of same-sex marriage:

"The day after the Massachusetts legislature gave initial approval to writing civil unions for gay couples into the state's constitution, opponents of same-sex marriage began focusing on plans to oppose the proposed constitutional amendment," reports the Washington Post's Jonathan Finer LINK

Former Rep. Bob Barr expressed his opposition to the president's proposed ban on same-sex marriage as an "unwarranted intrusion," reports the New York Times. LINK

The Boston Globe's Lewis reports that Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly said in a press conference yesterday that a 1913 Massachusetts law prevents out-of-state couples from getting married in the Bay State if they are not eligible for marriage in their home state. This would apply to residents of at least 38 other states. LINK

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