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The Los Angeles Times continues to explore the effect the Internet has in political campaigns. LINK

Donna Brazille gets Cindy Adams treatment. LINK

Gebe Martinez at the Houston Chronicle reports that Rep. Tom DeLay denied that he was Notified or subpoenaed that he is under investigation by a grand jury, that he was preparing for a legal dispute over his PACs, and that he may step aside from his leadership position should either of these denials actually be true. The first grand jury investingating DeLay's PAC ended its term, and a second will be impaneled next week. LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

Holding open those House votes until you have what you need is proving an effective tool for the Speaker. The New York Times ' Oppel writes up the debate over "pay as you go" tax cuts (which the Senate narrowly supported and the House narrowly defeated) to which the president is strongly opposed. LINK

"Reflecting the high stakes of this debate, the White House has been leaning on both Ms. Snowe and Ms. Collins. After the vote in the Senate earlier this month, Ms. Collins said a White House official called "to protest my vote." And Ms. Snowe said that she recently talked to Mr. Bush about the issue."

The New York Times editorial board is no fan of Hastert's penchant to keep open a vote for the desired outcome. LINK

Democratic National Convention:

The Hill's Bolton Notes how the new campaign finance law could affect the summer convention party scenes in Boston and New York. LINK

The Boston Globe reports that major highway Interstate 93, as well as a busy subway hub stop, North Station, will be shut down by the Secret Service for the entire four days of the convention. These closures are expected to be highly disruptive to commuters. LINK

Speaking of clogged arteries . . .

When Boston Mayor Thomas Menino entered Brigham and Women's Hospital this weekend, "a section of his small intestine was so swollen that doctors had to thread a drainage tube through his nose and into his stomach to eliminate collecting waste." Said a spokeswoman: "If you have a sink that has a clog in it, the stuff comes up back into your sink." The spokeswoman said that "doctors removed the tube yesterday and Menino had started to eat — and complain about being hungry." LINK

We can understand why.

The Schwarzenegger Era:

Gov. Schwarzenegger sat down with the Los Angeles Times' Salladay and Nicholas for an interview in his Sacramento office and said that his desire to balance the budget without raising taxes may prove to be "wishful thinking." He also reiterated his claim that if President Bush delivers federal dollars to California he could have a chance at capturing its electoral votes this November. LINK


Sen. Clinton is taking on the recently proposed changes to the Neilsen ratings system because she claims they will not accurately represent minority viewership. LINK

The New York Times on the debut of Air America Radio. LINK

Two right-wing media veterans offer this advice to their new colleagues at Air America Radio on the Los Angeles Times op-ed page: LINK

"Talk radio is a medium for expressing clear-cut, black-and-white, passionately articulated views. Nuances don't work."

Al Franken offers his "here I come" warning to the right on the day of his launch. LINK

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