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"There are huge differences in these and many other questions between Arab Iraqis, who account for 79 percent of the population, and the Kurdish minority (17 percent). Forty percent of Arabs say it was right for the United States to invade; that soars to 87 percent of Kurds. Just one-third of Arabs say the war liberated rather than humiliated Iraq; it's 82 percent of Kurds. Thirty percent of Arabs support the presence of coalition forces, again compared with 82 percent of Kurds. Positive views of the invasion also are held disproportionately in the South of the country, as well as in the Kurdish north."

"Locally, unhappiness is highest by far with the availability of jobs (69 percent say it's bad) and the supply of electricity (64 percent negative). Local schools are rated positively (by 72 percent), and smaller majorities give positive ratings to the availability of basic household goods and the adequacy of local crime protection. About half give positive ratings to the availability of medical care, clean water and household goods beyond the basics, and to local government."

"Iraqis divide in their rating of the local security situation now, but strikingly, 54 percent say security where they live is better now than it was before the war. However, for some, local security clearly is a great concern; 22 percent call it the single biggest problem in their lives, more than any other mention ("no job" is second, 12 percent). Local security concerns peak in greater Baghdad, where they're cited by 36 percent as the top problem, compared to a low of eight percent in Kurdistan."

ABC News Vote 2004: Sen. John Kerry:

The New York Post's Blomquist takes a look at Kerry's homeland security speech before the IAFF as a rare moment where the Democrat put the president's strongest issue, national security, front and center. LINK

The Daily News duo of DeFrank and Bazinet wrap up the Kerry/Bush to and fro as well. Make sure you don't miss Charlie Cook's sizing up Pennsylvania and more. LINK

"'It is competitive,' said Charles Cook of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, 'but it's uphill for the president. All the older industrial states are looking worse for him than last time.'"

Cindy Adams has it from the former Ambassador to the Slovak Republic that Kerry and Terry McAuliffe have agreed to "unleash" Bill Clinton this campaign season. LINK

Notable armchair strategist Dan Payne urges Kerry to pick veep now. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

President Bush traveled to Pennsylvania yesterday to promote his home ownership plan and seek votes, reports Amy Goldstein of the Washington Post, "repeating a format he has used often since January to talk up his economic policies, he staged a "conversation" with a small group of people who support his views on housing — or are success stories themselves." LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Fitzgerald takes a look at his electoral map (which we hope is color-coded) and reports that President Bush "needs to improve his showing in the Philadelphia's suburban counties, where moderate Republicans have been more receptive to Democratic candidates in recent years." LINK

The Philadelphia Daily News Notes in its headline that the President has now made 26 visits to the battleground state and wraps the President's trip there yesterday. LINK

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