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The Los Angeles Times' Chen Notes that the President was in the battleground state to promote one of the few bright spots in the nation's economy — "low interest rates that have helped produce record-high homeownership."LINK

The New York Times' Stevenson writes of Pennsylvania: "Along with Michigan, it is near the top of a list of states that went Democratic last time but that the White House appears serious about contesting."LINK

Vice President Cheney ventured out onto the road yesterday, stopping by Artesia, N.M. to stump for Rep. Steve Pearce. LINK

The VP took the opportunity to slam Kerry on his foreign leaders comments, saying: "Yesterday, in Pennsylvania, a voter asked Senator Kerry directly who these foreign leaders are. Senator Kerry said, 'that's none of your business.' But it is our business when a candidate for President claims the political endorsement of foreign leaders. At the very least, we have a right to know what he is saying to foreign leaders that makes them so supportive of his candidacy."

The Washington Post editorial board asks for a better response as to why President Bush has declined Kerry's request for monthly debates. LINK

Alan Murray writes in his Wall Street Journal column that President Bush's SOTU crackdown on steroids in professional sports may not have been such a bad idea despite what the New York Times or Washington Post prints.

The New York Times' Edmund Andrews report while the Bush Administration cites 9/11 and the 2001 recession for an increased deficit, the "Congressional Budget Office estimated that economic weakness would account for only 6 percent of a budget shortfall that could reach a record $500 billion this year." LINK

The New York Times' Greenhouse and Becker write that the AFL-CIO will ask Bush to punish China for the violations of workers' rights.LINK

The New York Times' Jennifer 8. Lee reports after being pressured by states and environmental groups, the Bush Administration may tighten its regulations on mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

The Boston Globe's Peter Canellos writes that "while the 2000 dispute is still slumbering under the surface of this year's equally crucial Florida vote, there are stirrings in the crypt." He cites, among other examples, the controversy over Justice Scalia and Vice President Cheney's duck-hunting excursion — saying "it's hard not to see it as payback for Scalia's injunction that stopped Florida counties from recounting votes at a point when George W. Bush had a tiny lead." LINK

The AP's Liz Sidoti reports: "Democrat John Kerry is spending only one-third of the money that President Bush is pouring into television advertising this week, but viewers in such cities as Cleveland, Milwaukee and Las Vegas likely will see more anti-Bush commercials than the other way around. " LINK

The Morning TV:

Gibson and Stern unite?

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