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The crowd was clearly on Kerry's side of the court, booing Brown as he continued to go after the Senator demanding answers. "That's none of your business," Kerry said at one point, eliciting cheers from the crowd, but Kerry quickly quieted them down, saying that this is democracy, and allowed Brown to continue his questioning.

Kerry closed out the exchange by asking Brown "Are you a Republican? You answer the question … did you vote for George Bush?" When Brown responded that he did, Kerry thanked him and said "See democracy works both ways."

And judging by the reaction of the crowd, it was "Game, Set, Match" to the Senator in the room, but the press coverage was less adulatory.

"[Kerry] was repeatedly called 'a liar' during [a] public forum by a heckler, Cedric Brown, who interrupted Kerry's comments on health care, education and the economy to raise questions about the assertion of foreign endorsements. Under questioning by Kerry, Brown described himself as a Bush supporter." LINK

"At a fundraiser in South Florida last Monday, Kerry told reporters: 'I've met with foreign leaders who can't go out and say this publicly, but, boy, they look at you and say, 'You've got to win this. You've got to beat this guy [President Bush]. We need a new policy.' Things like that.'"

"Kerry said Sunday he wouldn't disclose names because doing so could hurt those nations' relations with the Bush administration. But he reiterated that he had met with, and talked to, foreign representatives about the election."

"'The point is that all across the world America and Americans are meeting with a new level of hostility' because of the policies of the Bush administration, Kerry told reporters. ' . . . I think anyone who has traveled abroad knows how other countries have lost respect for us, how we've fumbled the goodwill we had after September 11."

Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times includes the "heard from" vs. "met" debate surrounding John Kerry's word choice. LINK

" . . . reporters pressed Kerry to clarify whether he had met with these officials in person. The candidate insisted that he merely said he had "heard from" foreign leaders in his original remark."

"In fact, Kerry told donors at a fundraiser in Hollywood, Fla., on March 8, 'I've met foreign leaders who can't go out and say this publicly, but boy, they look at you and say, 'You gotta win this; you gotta beat this guy.'"

The Wall Street Journal's editorial board "sure hope[s] Mr. Kerry isn't giving … countries the idea that if they can merely stonewall for another few months, the Senator will then ride to their rescue."

More on the exchange in: the Washington Times: LINK

The Boston Globe:

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ABC News Vote 2004: the perils of incumbency:

Time's Dickerson and Tumulty take a look at the key dynamics to watch for over the next several months, asking if Bush can catch his stride (and teasing a return to the campaign by "semi-retired" Karen Hughes!), if an exhausted Kerry can keep up the pace, and asks how nasty will the election season get?

And the duo reports this interesting fact that might mean more to the Wilson Boulevard set than any poll in a battleground state:

"The president's mother, in particular, is worried that she has seen this movie before. Says the official: 'She does not want to see her family go through a '92 thing again.'"LINK

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