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Soon to be hall-o'-famer Jann Wenner tells Lloyd Grove he is looking forward to helping Kerry's campaign and then keys off the candidates' musical styles to describe the 2004 election. "That's the choice for our country: Springsteen or Wayne Newton. I know what my choice will be." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

Bob Novak scrutinizes the motives of Sen. John McCain:

"What transforms McCain from a conscience into a hairshirt is his refusal to consider any adjustment toward party loyalty in a presidential election year. Two weeks ago, he presided over Senate hearings on his global warming bill that dovetails with the Democratic election-year agenda. Last week, he joined with Democratic senators to pass a budget amendment that would effectively rule out tax cuts. Because neither of these proposals has the slightest chance of becoming law, they become exercises in politics — Democratic politics." LINK

"Worse yet is what the veterans of McCain's 2000 presidential campaign say when no reporters are around. Other Republicans have been shocked by how contemptuous they are of the president and his record. At one recent private dinner, what the former McCain campaign operatives said was hardly distinguishable from Democratic ranting against Bush. That may be a cause or a result of McCain's conduct — or possibly a combination of both."

Elisabeth Bumiller reflects on "Bush Time": "Out of any given 24 hours in Washington, Mr. Bush will generally spend 11 hours working, 7 hours sleeping and 6 other hours in the White House residence." And Bumiller drops this bombshell of a line as casually as could be: "the president is generally awake by 5 a.m., when he has coffee and reads the newspapers in bed with his wife." LINK

The New York Times' Michael Slackman Notes that the president and his opponent would be wise to learn the main political lesson gleaned from the portrayal of 9/11 during the 2002 elections in New York: the campaigns should both tread very lightly. LINK

The theme song in the BC04 ad "Safer, Stronger" sounds eerily similar to the Hill Street Blues theme.

Notice the four measures beginning with "a day of tragedy … " LINK

And the first four measures of the Hill Street Blues theme. LINK

The New York Post ed board writes that the Democratic Party (and throw the liberal media in there too) is trying to shift the agenda for the election to the sagging economy, (which is doing just fine thank you very much,) and that the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign is "going to have to work like the dickens to correct the record. This time, it's not the economy stupid."LINK

The Wall Street Journal's editorial board thinks the mistake made last week in regard to the manufacturing czar position "was the Bush Administration's in thinking that the way to produce more jobs in manufacturing is by creating one more job in government."

The Wall Street Journal's Michael Phillips reports that the Interior Department's inspector general ruled that department officials based a controversial Pacific Northwest water policy on "scientific evidence" rather than "pressure from White House political adviser Karl Rove."

The Note on TV:

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