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"We tried to make this chiefly a personal survey of Iraqis talking about the situation in Iraq — not so much what they think of us, but what they think of what has occurred there," says Gary Langer, ABC's director of polling. "We ask about their personal concerns and situations — their lives overall, security, availability of jobs, access to health care, education and more; whether these have improved or worsened since the war; and their expectations for the future."

The poll also includes political questions on issues such as Iraq's future governance, views of coalition forces and demographic data profiling the Iraqi population.

ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings will anchor "World News Tonight" from Iraq beginning tonight and will report the "Where Things Stand" series for "World News Tonight" and other ABC News broadcasts including "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Nightline will devote an entire program to "Iraq: Where Things Stand" with reports from Dave Marash, Jim Sciutto and Bob Woodruff.

Weekend must-reads: In Sunday's edition Los Angeles Times' Nick Anderson takes a look at the "dual purpose" the new Bush cable ads serve in targeting a specific demographic and disseminating a larger message. LINK

Note especially the paragraphs about the History Channel! Brilliant!

David Brooks waded in to the debate about Kerry's penchant for amplification and complexity.

Brooks managed the clearest definition of "Post-Cartesian Multivariate Co-Directionality" we've seen in a while." Kerry has made clear that if he is elected president, the nation will never face a caveat shortage. He has established the foragainst method, which has enabled him to be foragainst the war in Iraq, foragainst the Patriot Act and foragainst No Child Left Behind. If you decide to vote for him this year, there would be a correctness in that judgment, but if you decide to vote for George Bush, that would also be correct." LINK

John Harris of the Washington Post displayed on Sunday the basic recipe for how to rip-off a Note idea and make it your own, in his piece on the White House window to define John Kerry: add in one of those hard-to-get Tom Freedman (Carleton '85) LINK quotes, along with an-even-harder-to-get take from one of those press-shy Carleton College political scientists, and — voila! — you have made the concept your own. LINK

The New York Times' Rich Oppel on the Senate budget resolution passed early Friday morning. "Over all, the Senate budget is similar to the White House proposal but calls for slower growth in spending and, after five years, a deficit $56 billion lower than the administration plan. Also, White House officials acknowledge that an amendment approved over objections by Senate Republican leaders will complicate efforts to extend Mr. Bush's tax cuts — though House Republican leaders already have signaled that they intend to kill the provision." LINK

On Sunday, the Washington Post's David Broder praised Rep. Barney Frank for his plan for taxes, wealth creation and technology to combat joblessness and fundamental changes within the economy. LINK

Howard Fineman and Tamara Lipper of Newsweek run down the reasons why the campaign has gone tough early. LINK

Don't miss the memo on Southern strategy written in Sunday's Washington Post Outlook section for Sen. John "Catfish" Kerry from former Rep. Ben "Cooter" Jones (D-Ga.) That's all we're sayin'. LINK

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