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The Miami Herald's Peter Wallsten and Lesley Clark report, "More than one in five Florida Democrats who showed up at the polls voted not for Kerry but for rivals who left the race days and weeks ago but remained on the presidential preference ballot -- raising questions about Kerry's ability to fire up the base in a key state." LINK

The Tampa Tribune's William March and Ted Byrd report, "In random interviews outside polls across the Tampa Bay area, many Democratic voters said Kerry would have been their pick even if the contest had remained wide open." LINK

The Boston Globe's Anne Kornblut writes, "Turnout in the Democratic primaries, heralded by party leaders as a strong showing of unity and outrage against President Bush, was actually in line with past primaries, lower than many recent Republican contests, and included some record lows in later states, according to a full accounting released yesterday." LINK

The New York Times' Wilgoren on the Kerry-Bush to-and-fro Tuesday. Oh, yeah, and Kerry won some primaries, too. LINK

Without a major Democratic opponent threatening John Kerry, he is now being faced with a new opponent: boredom, writes the Washington Post's John Harris. LINK

The Chicago Sun-Times' Andrew Herrmann and Ana Mendieta wrap up Kerry's Illinois visit Tuesday, and Note that "In the general election in November, Illinois should be friendly territory for Kerry," based on a poll by the Daily Southtown showing Kerry leading Bush 52 percent to 39 percent. LINK

The Dallas Morning News leads with "SOUTH BACKS KERRY -- FOR NOW." LINK

The Austin American-Statesman reports that after Kerry's victory in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry labeled him "the most conservative senator from Massachusetts." LINK

In a real read-between-the-lines tale, the New York Times' Greenhouse from his Bal Harbour perch Notes the naming of (now-kingmaking!) Harold Schaitberger, "president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, as a committee vice chairman" of Labor for Kerry, a position that will "give him a major role in helping shape labor's efforts to elect Mr. Kerry." For those Laborologists seeking to discern Gerry McEntee's fate, he's not been deposed. And we're even told he'll be at today's John Sweeney/Karen Ackerman newser! LINK

The Los Angeles Times' La Ganga on Kerry's focus on foreign oil. LINK

Day 3 of the New York Post's Orin's Kerry and Arafat stories. LINK

the AP reports that Kerry now calls Arafat an "outlaw." LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman writes about Kerry's, er, colorful description of an appropriate punishment for Osama bin Laden, Noting the Senator's exception to his opposition to capital punishment: terrorists. It's another weapon in the Bush campaign's "flip-flop" arsenal, yet Kerry maintained in an interview Tuesday that he has not changed his position. LINK

"'I think it's specious,' he said of the criticism. 'I think it's silly. It's just not true, like many of the things that they say. I've never changed. If I was going to change, I would have changed entirely. But terrorism is war. And I have always understood the law of justifiable homicide in the context of war -- self-defense.'"

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