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But, when an audience member suggested Kerry reenact the "gyration," the New Englander pointed to the press and cautioned, "You see those people out there? I know better than to make a complete ass of myself."

Apparently, however, the Senator has no qualms about subjecting his stalwart and faithful traveling press aide David Wade to public humiliation. (And, for this, The Note thanks him.)

Having just declared, "E-mail may be one of the worst modern inventions," Kerry acknowledged to gathered members of the press that Wade, who is addicted to his Blackberry, depends on it.

Kerry remarked, "He's on that Blackberry all the time."

To which, a network news producer declared, "He needs a Blackberry intervention."

Kerry, however, disagreed, suggesting, "No, he needs a Blackberry enema."

Wade, Blackberry in hand, looked up to shout over the laughter, "Off the record! Off the record! Off the record!"

Kerry just smiled.

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The Los Angeles Times' Gold Notes Edwards picked up a few delegates last eve, perhaps boosting his chance at No. 2. LINK

Roll Call's Erin Billings and Mark Preston report that James Johnson "has begun meeting privately with Democratic Congressional leaders and senior Members to get their advice on who should join [Kerry] on the party's presidential ticket."

More: "Senior-level aides and sources close to the Kerry campaign said the meetings are the beginning of a multi-tiered process in which Johnson and other campaign officials plan to reach out beyond the Senator's inner circle for counsel on the No. 2 pick. They touted the effort as a savvy political move that demonstrated both Kerry's willingness to work hand-in-hand with Democrats in Congress and their interest in drumming up early support for -- and consensus on -- his eventual vice presidential pick."

In a conversation about the steroid hearings he is holding today, Sen. John McCain was asked by ABC News' Charlie Gibson today on "Good Morning America" whether he would accept an offer to become John Kerry's running mate. McCain Noted that it is "impossible to imagine the Democratic Party seeking a pro-life, free-trading, non-protection deficit hawk. . . . They would have to be taking steroids."

When pressed by an amused Gibson, McCain said "I see no scenario -- no scenario -- no scenario -- I see no scenario where that would happen."

And when asked whether he would campaign against his "good friend" John Kerry, McCain said, "I have campaigned and will continue to campaign for the President of the United States. I think we ought to spend more time campaigning for the people we support rather than against them. This so far is the nastiest campaign so far that we have seen and the American people deserve a lot better than what they have gotten so far."

The land of 5-plus-2-equals-7:

The ad heard round the world: The Ickes' Media Fund folks launch an ad and the political world stops long enough to watch it.

Just check out the coverage:

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