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In the New York Times opinion page, NYU Prof. Stephen Gillers weighs in on veepstakes possibles — and argues for one Bill Clinton. LINK

The New York Post 's Orin runs through a list of veep prospects. LINK

Dean: The New York Times ' Jodi Wilgoren writes of Dr. Dean's continued winning ways in Vermont. LINK

Sharpton: The New York Times ' Slackman and Connelly write about Rev. Sharpton's "single-digit showings" and where he goes from here. LINK

The New York Post on what it calls Sharpton's "abysmal" New York showing. LINK

From ABC News Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

NEW YORK, March 2 — Rev. Al Sharpton, despite a lackluster finish in his home state, is still in the race, but his tone has changed. Departing from his constant assurance that he is in it until the convention, Sharpton said he is willing to negotiate.

He said he would be willing to drop out and endorse John Kerry if the DNC and/or Kerry agrees to support his urban agenda. But for now, he still has issues to address.

Awaiting his nearly two-hour late arrival at Jimmy's Uptown in Harlem, a swarm of press (many nervous about their 11:00 pm ET show times) gathered, twiddling thumbs, while about 30 supporters sipped cocktails and a few danced to Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." One lively supporter exclaimed, "If they didn't have all these cameras and radio and newspapers, Rev. Sharpton would be leading this race."

Taking the stage amid many of his local endorsers, Sharpton stopped short of declaring his March 2 showing a glowing victory. He thanked his supporters, his campaign staff, and his family. He said that he beat the pundits who said he wouldn't get over 5 percent in New York and ignored those that said a less than 15 percent showing is a failure. He took pride in "winning half the black vote in New York City."

In response to reports about Edwards' departure, Sharpton said, "I guess he was more concerned with running for the office than affecting the race."

The Reverend maintains that, given the odds, his campaign has been a success, but the demeanor of his staff told a different story. There was both a sense of disappointment and relief (that, perhaps, the end is in sight).

For the first time since the beginning of his campaign, Sharpton said he wouldn't predict his role at the convention, whereas in the past he has said, "I'll either speak inside the convention or outside in the parking lot."

Still, the Reverend told the press that he is both heading to Florida to campaign and continuing to monitor the situation in Haiti.

Read more from the trail with Sharpton on LINK

California: The Los Angeles Times' Finnegan says the Governator got a vote of confidence Tuesday as his ballot measures won the day. LINK

Schwarzenegger scores a win as his fiscal plan passes, reports the New York Times ' Broder. LINK

Georgia: The New York Times on the year-old flag's win in Georgia. LINK

Democratic National Convention: The Boston Globe 's Andrea Estes reports that less "than five months before the Democratic National Convention comes to town, organizers yesterday said they are $7.5 million shy of their fund-raising goal of $39.5 million." LINK

The Boston Herald's David Guarino reports that Kerry has tapped Boston-based consultant Jack Corrigan to be his point man to the Democratic National Convention. LINK

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