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In a speech yesterday marking first anniversary of the Homeland Security Department, President "Bush cast the renewal of the law, the USA Patriot Act, as essential to protecting the United States from terrorist attacks" writes Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times . LINK

President Bush is among those nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. LINK

Kerry: ABC News' Kate Snow reports that Senator Bob Graham (D-Fla.) will attend Senator John Kerry's 12:15 pm ET event in Orlando to endorse the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Graham, a member of the Senate intelligence committee, is also expected to criticize the administration's homeland security efforts. The Kerry campaign fully expects that Graham, popular in Florida (although somewhat less so now than he was before he ran for president), will help Kerry in the general election with the all important Florida voters.

Kerry will not change his message in any dramatic way today, continuing his stump speech that has, for the last few weeks or so, ignored his Democratic rivals and kept President Bush in the crosshairs.

In addition, Snow reports, the Kerry campaign is "contemplating" going on the air with ads this week to face off against the Bush-Cheney ad offensive. They're waiting to see the Bush ads when they're unveiled, but they're scoping out various markets — including in the March 9 states — Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Stephanie Cutter tells Snow that the campaign is trying to decide whether to go on the air in Florida and Louisiana, depending on what they see in the Bush-Cheney spots. "We're ready to go, but we haven't made the decision of whether it's worth it," Cutter said. "We've got so much free media right now."

The Associated Press reported yesterday that the Kerry camp is looking at going up in Northern Virginia, but Snow reports that campaign aides say such a buy is unlikely, given the expense-to-benefit ratio. An Internet ad, however, is on the table as a possibility, and they welcome the spots soon to hit the airwaves from the Voter Fund, which will take some of the pressure off of them.

Meanwhile, Snow Notes, the Kerry camp is looking at new office space (an empty law firm) this morning in downtown Washington — that is five times as big as their old offices.

The New York Times ' Nagourney writes that Kerry has "effectively" won the Democratic nomination, but plans to campaign through Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida next Tuesday. LINK

John Kerry won the sprint to the nomination, but now he faces a marathon to November, writes Todd Purdum of the New York Times . LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Barabak and Martelle writes Kerry faces a tougher fight in the general. LINK

Jill Zuckman of the Tribune reports on Kerry's next moves as he lays out a game plan for the general-election battle, Noting the immediate challenges he faces as a national candidate. LINK

The Washington Post 's VandeHei Notes that Senator John Kerry "is poised to emerge from the presidential nominating process not only victorious but also in stronger shape than few Democrats — or Republicans — ever imagined." LINK

William Safire writes of the various Kerry's he's seen, and looks ahead to the next phase(s) of the campaign. LINK

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